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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Shows Off His Surfing Skills - Video

Mark Zuckerberg - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.05.2021
Nearly a year ago, a photo of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg surfing in Hawaii with his face slathered in a thick layer of sunscreen went viral on social media.

Mark Zuckerberg has posted a video of himself on Facebook riding an electric hydrofoil surfboard out in the ocean.

Showing off his surfing skills, the Facebook CEO was sporting a wetsuit and helmet. 

Earlier, he was spotted surfing an electric hydrofoil surfboard in Hawaii. At the time, however, social media users paid more attention to a full white mask of sunscreen on the face of the Facebook founder. The internet exploded with all sorts of memes, as users suggested that Zuckerberg didn't know how to use sunscreen or just went too far with it.

Last month, Zuckerberg explained that by applying that much sunscreen, he was simply trying to conceal his identity to avoid the paparazzi.

"I was just kinda foiling around, and then I noticed there was this paparazzi guy following us and, so I was like, 'Oh I don't want him to recognise me so you know what I'm gonna do? I'm just gonna put a ton of sunscreen on my face so he won’t know who I am'," Zuckerberg said during an Instagram Live session with Adam Mosseri, laughing and pointing out that he should’ve "thought that one through more" as the plan "backfired".

"If someone wants to post a sunscreen meme, it’s cool. I’m happy to give the internet some laughs. I’m glad people can laugh about it. I laugh about it and I think it’s pretty funny."

At that time, according to reports, Mark Zuckerberg rode the $12,000 Efoil electric surfboard and was accompanied by professional surfer, Kai Lenny, and a group of security guards.

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