No Privacy Here! Adorable Golden Retriever Stops Humans Hugging

Golden Retriever. - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.05.2021
Dogs are very sociable animals. After all, the earliest dogs were simply wolves who wanted to sit with cavemen and enjoy the warmth of their fire. These days canines still love to hang with their humans friends. It is adorable, but occasionally a bit annoying because they have very little concern for each others' privacy.

"Hey, humans! What's going on?" That is definitely the message this golden retriever is trying to convey as it stops its humans hugging. It feels, quite rightly, that any expressions of affection should be sent its way and that the people of the house have no business excluding it from a cuddle. Never forget, there's no such thing as spare time - if you think you have any then you're not giving enough attention to the doggo; that is the law! So the pooch pesters them in the silliest and most ridiculous way.

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