Best Day Ever: Golden Retriever Puppy Shoots the Breeze By Sticking Head Out of Car Window

© Photo : ilove_goldenretriever/instagram Life's a breeze when you're a golden retriever.
Life's a breeze when you're a golden retriever. - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.05.2021
Dogs love to run around like crazy, but what they love even more is to stay still while everything around them is moving as fast as possible - that is why canines adore travelling by car. What a shame they're not eligible for a driver's licence!

This adorable golden retriever puppy is the happiest dog in the world, because its human friends have allowed it to stick its head out of the window of the moving car and enjoy the refreshing wind and sweet sunshine. This is a sort of doggy heaven, so the little guy is smiling as though it is simply having the time of its life.

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