Digital-Intelligence Complex Challenges Military-Industrial Complex for Political Supremacy

Digital-Intelligence Complex Challenges Military-Industrial Complex for Political Supremacy
The military-industrial complex has been joined by the digital-industrial complex in the battle for supremacy over US politics.

Gary Flowers, radio talk show host and public policy analyst, joins us to discuss the digital industrial complex. Amazon Web Services signed a massive contract with the CIA and is hiring former intelligence operatives to help run their online empire. Eisenhower could not have foreseen a massive digital industry dominated by intelligence services when he warned the world about the military-industrial complex. We discuss the ramifications of an internet dominated by US intelligence agencies and propaganda. Also, Consortium News has a Youtube video removed regarding election and voting problems.

Immigration attorney Carlos Castaneda joins us to discuss Biden's immigration policy. President Biden is making a number of changes to President Trump's immigration policies. However, he has reneged on his promise to make changes on day one, and immigration advocates worry that he may return to the difficult days of the Obama administration. Also, he has lifted the pandemic ban on green cards that the Trump administration instituted last spring.

John Burris, civil rights attorney, joins us to discuss the police killing of Elijah McClain. An independent investigation found that the Aurora, Colorado police had no legitimate reason to detain and physically attack the mentally challenged youth in 2019. McClain was stopped while walking and was not suspected of violating any law. A police investigation exonerated all officers involved, although the physically frail young man was unarmed and begged for his life before being choked to death.

Dr. Ranjeet Brar, British physician and National Health Service worker, returns to discuss COVID in the UK. Recent surveys indicate that 15.3% of England's population has had COVID as of mid-January. Will this number of people, along with the vaccine, help to slow the infection rate in the future? Also, the Sputnik V vaccine is being considered in the UK because it is easy to transport and store.

Danny Sjursen, US Army Major retired and author of "Patriotic Dissent: America in the Age of Endless War" joins us to discuss his latest article about Iraq. Sjursen argues that the muddled mission and US troop presence are creating the conditions for the current crisis. He also talks about the recent rocket attacks on US facilities and how they affect US relations with Iran. 

Mark Sleboda, Moscow-based international relations and security analyst, joins us to discuss Armenia. Armenia is experiencing significant political problems, as the military has called for the prime minister to resign. The prime minister called the demand and coup attempt and dismissed Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, colonel-general Onik Gasparyan. The prime minister invited his supporters to gather at The Republic Square in Yerevan and pledged to address the nation soon.

Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and co-founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, joins us to discuss Alexei Navalny and US Sanctions. Ray argues that warmongers in the media and other entities are in fear that Biden's reentry into the START treaty could portend a thaw in US-Russia relations. However, he says that the harsh rhetoric against Russia will continue "in order to justify obscenely high levels of funding for "defense" against an "aggressive" Russia.  " Also, Amnesty International strips Alexei Navalny of his "prisoner of conscience" status due to his history of hateful rhetoric. 

KJ Noh, peace activist, writer and teacher, joins us to discuss China. William Burns, nominee for CIA chief, is pushing the anti-China position as he answers Senate questions during his nomination hearing. Burns says that he sees competition with China - and countering its “adversarial, predatory” leadership as part of his principal mission. Also, Chinese President Xi is announcing that he has achieved victory in his work to campaign rural poverty.

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