'Only Matter of Time Before Aliens Find Us,' Ex-UK Military UFO Investigator Claims

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As Nick Pope pointed out, most UFO encounters are actually “misidentifications of things such as aircraft lights, satellites and Chinese lanterns,” though a small portion of such incidents remain unexplained.

While the United Kingdom had witnessed its fair share of alleged UFO sightings, Nick Pope, former official UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defence, has looked deep into hypothetical contact with extraterrestrials, the Daily Star reports.

Referring to certain previous sightings of suspected extraterrestrial craft in the UK, including "a wave of sightings over a six-hour period in late March 1993, with several dozen witnesses in different parts of the country," Pope noted that "many of the witnesses were police officers and military personnel who saw a huge, triangular-shaped craft, emitting a low-frequency humming sound."

"Two military bases in the midlands – RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury – were directly overflown. No definitive explanation was ever found, despite an extensive investigation," he remarked.

He also mentioned one particularly notable incident in Rendlesham Forest, which occured in December 1980, saying the "most convincing case in the MoD’s real-life X-Files" remains unexplained.

"What makes all this so compelling is the physical evidence – the UFO was tracked on radar and briefly landed, leaving high levels of radioactivity where it touched down," the expert claimed. "Most of the witnesses were United States Air Force personnel based at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Even the Deputy Base Commander saw it."

He added that most instances of suspected UFO sightings turn out to be "misidentifications of things such as aircraft lights, satellites, and Chinese lanterns," though a small number of sightings "remain unexplained."

"As I always remind people, the sceptics have to be right every time…but the believers only need to be right once! I’m sure there’s life ‘out there’ and I keep an open mind about whether or not we’ve been visited. I hope we have been - the world would be more interesting with aliens than without", Pope surmised. "I think it’s only a matter of time before we find alien life – or before it finds us, if it hasn’t already."
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