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Jennifer Aniston Shamed for Sharing Pic of Christmas Ornament With 'Our First Pandemic' Inscription

Online shaming, also known as cancel culture or call-out culture, has gained traction over recent years especially with the spread of popular social networks, such as Twitter. Both ordinary people and celebrities alike become targets of online ostracism, yet not all attempts to "cancel" a person are successful.

US actress Jennifer Aniston has been shamed online over an Instagram story in which she posted a photo of a Christmas ornament with the phrase "Our first pandemic" engraved on it.

The innocent decoration has not been taken well by some Twitter users who accused the actress of being "out of touch" with reality.

​However, most users did not see any crime in Aniston's post and rushed to her defence, while also ridiculing those trying to "cancel" her.

The Friends star has not commented on the Twitter drama yet. It is also unclear whether the ornament was her own.

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