New Mysterious Monolith Made of Unusual Material Discovered in San Francisco - Photos

© Photo : NorbertElekesNew monolith appears in San Francisco
New monolith appears in San Francisco - Sputnik International
The first obelisk-like object was found in the American state of Utah earlier this year. Since then, similar works have been discovered in about thirty different places around the world, including Australia, Sweden, the UK, Spain, and Poland. They appear in odd and often remote places, with many later disappearing without a trace within a few days.

Yet another mysterious monolith has appeared out of nowhere, this time - on a hill in San Francisco, California, right on Christmas Day. The 7-foot tall construction was discovered at the Corona Heights Park in the city's Castro and Corona Heights neighbourhoods, radio station KQED reported.

Unlike other monoliths, made of shiny metal and engraved with some strange coordinates, this one represents Christmas spirit, as it is made of gingerbread. The unusual find appears to have been created in much the same way that gingerbread houses are, with the icing used as glue to hold its panels together.

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