Jordan Peterson's Daughter Blasts Author of a Book Alleging Her Father is 'Plagiarizing Hitler'

Professor and self-styled fighter of political correctness Jordan Peterson recently returned to Canada after months-long drug detox treatment abroad following complicated anxiety therapy. After keeping a low profile for months, the "12 Rules for Life" author has even joined a series of podcasts launched by his daughter.

Mikhaila Peterson, the daughter of famed Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, has taken to Twitter to reveal to her followers that she has received "a lovely Christmas message" from the author of a book, entitled The Devil and His Due: How Jordan Peterson Plagiarizes Adolf Hitler.

In the email, the author, Troy Parfitt, wrote that his book was "now available". Seemingly frustrated, Mikhaila tweeted "Merry Christmas to you too you sad sack of a man".

The screenshot of the email, shared by Peterson, gave her followers a glimpse into what the book was about.

"The Devil and His Due: How Jordan Peterson Plagiarizes Adolf Hitler by Troy Parfitt offers into evidence some 3,100 instances of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson allegedly copying the written and spoken text of Adolf Hitler. [...] In The Devil and His Due, Parfitt argues that 'the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon' is a mainstream cult whose leader identifies as 'the saviour', feigns Christian beliefs, glorifies Satan, discusses 'the Jewish question', encourages converts to slaughter goats in backyard sacrifices that ought to be 'sufficiently bloody', suggests that suicide can be an effective method for achieving revenge, touts banned subtances as 'miracle cures', and teaches that the alt-right project is 'incomplete'", the email said.

Mikhaila's "Christmas" tweet couldn't help but attract much attention from her and her famous dad's fans, as many rushed to support the family and blast Parfitt, who also penned a "satirical novel", The Bigot, or How I Learned to Love Donald Trump.

Professor of psychology and best-selling author Jordan Peterson rose to prominence in 2016 for speaking out against Canadian legislation that requires using gender-neutral pronouns for people who identify as non-binary. As an ardent advocate of free speech, Peterson has even launched an online platform, Thinkspot, to provide a "censorship-free" alternative to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, which have been under heavy criticism for blocking accounts of conservative commenters and content creators.

The professor has largely been out of the spotlight over the past year due to treatment and rehabilitation from akathisia, a condition caused by dependency on and rapid withdrawal from benzodiazepine, an anti-anxiety drug he was prescribed in 2016.

After spending months abroad, including stints in Russia and Serbia, Peterson has since returned to Canada and taken up writing again, much to the joy of his fans. He recently announced an upcoming book called Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, the companion volume to his best-selling self-help book 12 Rules for Life

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