Biden's Cabinet Picks Are "Diverse" on the Surface Only

Biden's Cabinet Picks Are "Diverse" On The Surface Only
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discuss what a Biden administration might look like based on his cabinet picks. Some picks are drawing red flags from progressives.


Nell Watson - Researcher in Emerging Technologies | AlphaFold: A Solution 50 Years In The Making

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins - Founding President of the California Cannabis Industry | CBD May Help Block COVID Infections

Dr. Bill Honigman - Progressive Healthcare Activist | Biden's Progressive Cabinet Picks. Oh.. Wait...

Protein's unique 3D structures determine its function. If scientists gain the ability to figure out what shapes proteins fold into, a world of health possibilities is unlocked. Researcher Nell Watson is an expert in emerging technologies. She joins the show to discuss AlphaFold.

Soon we will have vaccines forced into our bodies without a guarantee of being safe from COVID-19. If you catch the virus, there is no cure or true treatment. Dr. Lakisha Jenkins is a top cannabis doctor who argues the drug is the answer to prevention and maintenance in regards to COVID.

Progressives are keeping a close eye on Joe Biden as he begins his transition into the White House. Many of Biden's rumoured picks would be disastrous for the progressive agenda. Progressive healthcare activist Dr. Bill Honigman gives his opinion on Biden's transition thus far.

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