France, Turkey at Odds; China Hits US Arms Makers; No Stopping COVID

France, Turkey at Odds; China Hits US Arms Makers; No Stopping Covid
Senator Chuck Schumer offers a perfect example of how his party fails Americans as the New York Times joins in election fear-mongering.

Gilbert Mercier, editor in chief of News Junkie Post, joins Political Misfits Bob Schlehuber and Michelle Witte to discuss the diplomatic spat between France and Turkey, the French president's unhelpful tweets, and the geopolitical and domestic ramifications of the latest flareup in the strained relationship between Paris and Ankara. 

Kei Pritsker, journalist with BreakThrough News, broke down China’s sanctions on US arms makers, Chile’s constitutional redo and what we can learn from it, what’s happening to the American people as their long wait for a new stimulus bill drags on and the arrest of an alleged member of the “Boogaloo Bois.” 

The Misfits also discussed the weekend’s dark pandemic milestones, took aim at media hypocrisy and hyperbole from the Washington Post and elsewhere, deplored the usual Sunday news softballs and Senator Kamala Harris’ “60 Minutes” performance, and made big plans for the moon’s newly revealed water. 

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