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US Televangelist Pat Robertson Predicts Trump Will Be Reelected Followed by the End of the World

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The end of the world  - Sputnik International
US Televangelist and one-time GOP presidential candidate, Pat Robertson, defended Donald Trump during his 2016 race after video emerged revealing the GOP nominee making sexist comments about women. Robertson has a wide following with the Religious Right as well as those conservative religious voters who back the Republican Party.

The Christian Broadcasting Network founder and host, Pat Robertson, predicted on Tuesday that President Donald Trump will win re-election in November, which, he claims, will then be followed by the end of the world.

The 90-year old televangelist made the claim after receiving what he said was a direct message from God.

"According to what I believe the Lord told me, the president is going to be re-elected", Robertson asserted during his show.

The US preacher said that the election result would “lead to civil unrest, and then a war against Israel and so forth…".

Following the conflict, Robertson claimed, there will be a "time of peace" he said, before then saying: “And then maybe the end".

Robertson's view quickly went viral on Twitter, with some users quick to point out that most of Robertson's previous apocalyptic predictions have not come to pass.

​Netizens expressed their frustration with the election and posted a photoshop of a church sign declaring God's support for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

​Other users described the prediction of a Trump victory as followed by the apocalypse itself is an endorsement for Biden.

​Self-proclaimed "lefties" on Twitter threatened to make sure the end times take place if Trump wins reelection.

​Some said they agree with the evangelical preacher, that Trump will win against God and America's "enemies".

​Robertson was previously an adamant Trump supporter. The pastor later withdrew his support for the president after claiming that Trump was “losing the mandate of heaven” after pushing for the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Not only has Robertson been making apocalypse prediction since the 1970s, but he also claims that God told him that Republican candidate Mitt Romney would win the election in 2012 and be a two-term president even as US President Barack Obama won his second term.

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