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Politicizing Intelligence

Politicizing Intelligence
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discuss the latest in the Biden email scandal. Adam Schiff attempted to pin the exposure on Russia.


Dr. Michael Nevradakis - Journalist and Professor | COVID: The Untold Story

Pete Ingemi - Author and Radio Host | NY Post's Biden Revelations

Dr. Linwood Tauheed - Associate Professor | Stimulus

Scott Ritter - Whistleblower and Former UN Weapons Inspector | Washington Gives Putin a 'W' on New START Extension

We see how mainstream media narrates COVID in relation to the world. Sweden has been painted by western media as conducting experiments to combat the pandemic. Dr. Michael Nevradakis is residing in Sweden at the moment. He joins the show to explain the truth about the country's response to coronavirus. 

Adam Schiff is trying to use Russia as a scapegoat once again. He has gone as far as saying the legitimate Biden emails are part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Pete Ingemi comes back on the show to address the claims. Meanwhile, Russia is offering an arms-control treaty extension. Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter explains what that means.

What might a post-COVID economy look like? Will the government need to distribute stimulus payments regularly? Dr. Linwood Tauheed is an associate professor of economics. He describes his prediction of society after the lockdown.

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