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A man passes a graffiti by street artist 'Uzey', depicting a nurse as superhero in the coronavirus pandemic on a wall in Hamm, Germany, Monday, Sept. 28, 2020. - Sputnik International

Coronavirus Live Updates: Germany Confirms 5,587 New COVID-19 Cases and 10 Deaths

The pandemic continues to spread, as nations across the world are preparing for a second wave, re-introducing anti-coronavirus restrictions, and trying to develop a vaccine against the deadly disease.

The overall coronavirus tally has reached 38.7 million infected worldwide and the death toll has surpassed 1,100,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. The US remains the most affected country in the world, with over 8 million cases and over 218,000 deaths, followed by India, with 7.3 million infected and 112,000 fatalities, and Brazil, with almost 5.2 million cases and a death toll of 153,000.

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03:06 GMT 18.10.2020
Germany Confirms 5,587 New COVID-19 Cases and 10 Deaths
01:26 GMT 18.10.2020
New Zealand Has No Need to Move COVID-19 Restriction Levels After One New Case In Community, PM Ardern Says
00:33 GMT 18.10.2020
New Zealand Confirms One New Case of COVID-19 in Community

New Zealand registered one new case of COVID-19 in the community on Sunday, as the disease reappeared in the country after many days of no transmission within its borders.

The infected individual was identified early, and the risk of transmission was restrained, Health Chief Ashley Bloomfield stated.

00:22 GMT 18.10.2020
Mexico Confirms 5,447 More COVID-19 Cases and 355 More Fatalities
00:11 GMT 18.10.2020
Mexico’s COVID-19 Deaths Rise to 86,059, Health Ministry Reports
21:30 GMT 17.10.2020
Brazil Confirms 5,224,362 Official COVID-19 Cases, Up From 5,200,300 Yesterday

Total deaths from COVID-19 rose to 153,675 from 153,214 a day before, according to the health ministry.

18:25 GMT 17.10.2020
France Reports Record 32,427 New Cases on Saturday

PARIS (Sputnik) - France on Saturday reported a record rise in COVID-19 cases with 32,427 new infections registered over the past 24 hours, according to figures from the Sante Publique agency heading the coronavirus response in the country.

This takes the total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic to 867,197, the tenth highest in the world.

The number of fatalities from the disease has increased by 90 since the last update, taking the total to 33,392, according to the Sante Publique.

According to the agency’s figures, 7,198 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19 in the past week, 1,269 of whom were taken intensive care.

Like many other nations, especially in Europe, France is in the throes of a second wave that has outpaced the initial outbreak in spring. Transmission cases have dwarfed those seen in spring, although COVID-19 deaths have become less frequent.

17:23 GMT 17.10.2020
US Registers 70,078 New Cases, 1,001 New Deaths, US CDC Reports
17:15 GMT 17.10.2020
Europe Tops 150,000 Daily COVID Cases on Friday
17:04 GMT 17.10.2020
Austria Sets New Record as Over 1,700 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed Over Past 24 Hours

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Austria has registered 1,747 new cases of the coronavirus infection over the past day, setting a new single-day high, the country's Interior Ministry said on Saturday, adding that the country's tally now stands at 63,134.

According to the ministry, 599 of those new cases were recorded in the capital of Vienna.

Meanwhile, the number of those who recovered from the disease has reached 48,771, and the death toll has increased to 889. As of now, 734 patients are hospitalized, including 133 in intensive care units.

Austria, like many other European countries, has been experiencing a sharp rise in the infection rate since early September.

16:38 GMT 17.10.2020
US Reports Biggest Daily Case Spike Since Late July, Johns Hopkins University Reveals

According to Johns Hopkins University and the Covid Tracking Project, the US has registered over 68,000 new cases.

16:37 GMT 17.10.2020
Top Swedish Diplomat Self-Quarantined Since EU Summit

MURMANSK (Sputnik) - Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde has self-quarantined and been working remotely since her arrival back home from a European Union summit in Luxembourg, Klara Watmani, the minister's press secretary, told the SVT broadcaster on Saturday, after news emerged that two of the meeting's participants tested positive for the new coronavirus.

"The foreign minister feels good, she has no symptoms. But she works from home [and will continue to do so] until she receives the results of her [COVID-19] test", Watmani said.

Earlier in the day, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg and Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes, who both attended the EU summit on Monday, announced that they had both tested positive for COVID-19.

15:36 GMT 17.10.2020
Italy to Announce New Coronavirus Measures on Sunday
15:16 GMT 17.10.2020
UK Registers 16,171 New Cases, 150 Deaths On Saturday
14:56 GMT 17.10.2020
Italy Registers Daily Record of 10,925 New Coronavirus Cases
14:42 GMT 17.10.2020
Over 50% of Brazilians Ready to Try Russian Vaccine Against COVID-19, Reports Say
Russia Coronavirus Vaccine - Sputnik International
Over 50% of Brazilians Ready to Try Russian Vaccine Against COVID-19, Reports Say
14:03 GMT 17.10.2020
Belgian Foreign Minister Diagnosed With Coronavirus After Experiencing Similar Symptoms

"My test for the coronavirus came back positive. I got infected probably from someone in my family, given the precautions I take outside the home", Wilmes wrote on Twitter.

12:52 GMT 17.10.2020
German President Self-Isolates After His Personal Guard Tests Positive for COVID-19
12:30 GMT 17.10.2020
Netherlands Registers Over 8,000 Cases Setting a New Anti-Record
12:24 GMT 17.10.2020
Thailand Records First Domestic COVID-19 Cases in Over 1 Month

BANGKOK (Sputnik) - Thailand on Saturday registered domestic cases of the coronavirus infection for the first time since September 10, the Health Ministry said on Saturday.

The infections were reported in the city of Mae Sot that borders Myanmar. A Myanmar couple — a 53-year-old woman and a 63-year-old man — living in Thailand were visited by their son living in Myanmar, who tested positive for COVID-19 a couple of days later. The other three patients are the couple's relatives, the ministry added.

Given the update, over the past four months, Thailand has registered only seven local infections, with two of them being registered in September. All other cases have been imported.

So far, Thailand has confirmed over 3,600 cases — the lowest number of infections among Asian states — including  3,478 recoveries and 59 fatalities.

11:45 GMT 17.10.2020
Highest Ever Number of New COVID Cases Reported in Belgium on Tuesday

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Belgium has registered nearly 10,400 new infections on 13 October marking the largest daily increase since the start of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Belgian public health research institute Sciensano said on Saturday.

According to the health authority, on Monday, a total of 9,250 infections were recorded, which was a dramatic surge compared to 2,380 cases confirmed the day before, while the number amounted to 10,369 on Tuesday. Within the context, the number of hospitalizations also continues to rise.

The country's total tally has surpassed 202,100 infections and includes 10,359 fatalities.

Earlier this week, the authorities introduced a curfew across the country, as well as decided to shut all cafes and restaurants for a month, along with other measures in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

11:44 GMT 17.10.2020
Austria Sets Record With 1,747 New Cases Over Past 24 Hours
11:22 GMT 17.10.2020
Malaysia Reports 869 New Infections Marking Highest Daily Spike Since Outbreak
11:19 GMT 17.10.2020
Slovakia Registers 1,968 New Cases in Second-Highest Single Day Record
11:10 GMT 17.10.2020
Poland Reports 9,622 COVID-19 Cases in Another Record Daily Spike

WARSAW (Sputnik) - Poland has registered 9,622 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, setting another single-day record, the Health Ministry said on Saturday.

The previous highest spike of 8,099 cases was reported on Thursday. On Friday, the country saw the record daily COVID-19 death toll, confirming 132 new fatalities.

This time, the death toll has risen by 84 to 3,524.

The tally of Poland's cumulative cases now stands at 167,230.

11:09 GMT 17.10.2020
Finland Reports 160 New Cases Bringing Total to 13,293
10:39 GMT 17.10.2020
Iran's Total Death Toll Crosses 30,000 Mark
09:49 GMT 17.10.2020
Human Clinical Trials for Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine Given Greenlight in India
Health staff holds the Russian coronavirus vaccine Gam-COVID-Vac, trade-named Sputnik V, developed by the Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology during the vaccination of medical workers, in Krasnodar, Russia - Sputnik International
Human Clinical Trials for Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine Given Greenlight in India
09:27 GMT 17.10.2020
South Ossetian President Tests Positive for Coronavirus
09:08 GMT 17.10.2020
Vaccines Against COVID-19 May Not Need to Be Administered Annually, WHO Official Says
Covid-19 vaccine - Sputnik International
Vaccines Against COVID-19 May Not Need to Be Administered Annually, WHO Official Says
09:04 GMT 17.10.2020
Indonesia Reports 4,301 New Coronavirus Cases
08:00 GMT 17.10.2020
Russia Confirms 14,922 New COVID-19 Cases

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia has registered 14,922 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, slightly down from a record 15,150 yesterday, taking the cumulative total to 1,384,235, the nation’s coronavirus response centre said on Saturday.

"In the past 24 hours, Russia has confirmed 14,922 COVID-19 cases in 85 regions, of which 4,019 (26.9 percent) were detected with people showing no clinical symptoms", the response centre said.

The largest increase was identified in Moscow, where 4,648 new positive tests were registered (down from 5,049 yesterday). A total of 659 new cases were recorded in St. Petersburg (up from 647 yesterday) and 458 cases were confirmed in the Moscow Region (up from 448 yesterday).

07:35 GMT 17.10.2020
Austria Records 2,317 New Coronavirus Cases
07:30 GMT 17.10.2020
Czech Republic Confirms Over 11,000 New Coronavirus Infections for the First Time
06:15 GMT 17.10.2020
Brazil's Most Populous State of Sao Paulo to Make COVID-19 Vaccination Mandatory
06:07 GMT 17.10.2020
Austrian FM Schallenberg Tests Positive for Coronavirus
05:51 GMT 17.10.2020
Ukraine Confirms 6,410 New Cases, Setting Daily Record
05:04 GMT 17.10.2020
Number of COVID-19 Cases in India Rises by 62,212 to Over 7.43Mln
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