CIA and State Department Worldwide Intervention

CIA and State Department WorldWide Intervention
On today’s episode of The Backstory host Lee Stranahan covers Media angered by Pres. Trump, not denouncing “White Supremacy” and Proud Boys, EU sanctioning Belarus, NYC schools begin opening, CIA director Gina Haspel blocking Russiagate documents release.

The Backstory’s first guest Dr. David Samadi came on to talk about his new book The Ultimate MANual, this book is made for men and get themselves in better health and off the dependence on pharmaceuticals. Dr. Samadi discussed the politicization of the Covid19 pandemic, as well as the upside on testing, immunity, and treatment. Second guest Alexander Mercouris joined the show and spoke on the EU and their decision to sanction Belarus. Alexander describes Turkey's human rights violations and their hypocrisy in advocating for human rights, his attendance of the Julian Assange hearing and the new revelations of the case. Final guest investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, came on to talk about her work uncovering arms trafficking scandal & network. Dilyana expands on diplomatic flights being used to traffic weapons across the globe, Azerbaijan involvement and its current conflict with Armenia. Host Lee and Dilyana revisit the conflict in Syria, how weapons were brought into Syria, what countries are involved, and the media disregarding her first hand reporting.

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