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Live Updates: Julian Assange Extradition Hearings Continue in London - Video

Assange is currently attending a hearing on whether he should be extradited to the United States, which resumed on Monday at the London Central Criminal Court, after six months of delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wednesday marks the third day of the Julian Assange extradition hearings, which continue at the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court in London.

The WikiLeaks founder, who has been held in the maximum-security prison Belmarsh since his arrest at the Ecuadoran embassy in London in April 2019, is attending the trial from behind a glass panel, away from his defence team.

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16:21 GMT 09.09.2020

"One of the techniques of the prosecution that is constantly used is to pick on “a document” among 1200 pages of documentation that the witnesses have been given and then berate the witnesses for not knowing exactly what is in it or not having addressed that particular point in the evidence, which, of course, is quite unreasonable. But [it is] absolutely unreasonable to expect every witness to know every detail of every document. But today Mr Tim  [Hayward] did know every detail of every document which [has] rather flummoxed the prosecution. He also dealt very well of the point because the point the prosecution continually makes is to say that: "if this is a politically motivated prosecution and if it is not looking at genuine crime, does that mean that the prosecutors personally are corrupt or are lying in saying that this has been brought for the right reasons?"", Craig Murray said.

12:59 GMT 09.09.2020
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10:37 GMT 09.09.2020

Sputnik: What are you expecting from the court proceedings today?

John Shipton: Today, further witnesses will be called for the defense. Yesterday we had Clive Stafford Smith from Reprieve who outlined the public benefit of the WikiLeaks cables releases, particularly over the matter of torture, (such as) when a United Kingdom prisoner of the United States had his genitals cut with razor blades; all of that was in evidence yesterday. Also in evidence was the professor of journalism at US Maryland University, Mark Feldstein, who gave evidence in the afternoon. All of this evidence the court guillotined after 30 minutes and allowed 3 hours for the prosecution to cross-examine. Clearly, the government doesn’t want evidence of United Kingdom citizens undergoing torture by the United States to the extent of having their genitals cut with razorblades.

Sputnik: Do you know what witnesses will be speaking today?

John Shipton: It’s on the court list, but it’s better if we hear what they’ve got to say before we chat to you.

10:22 GMT 09.09.2020
08:53 GMT 09.09.2020
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