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Mini-Stroke Over Par

© Sputnik / Ted RallMini-Stroke Over Par
Mini-Stroke Over Par - Sputnik International
In response to speculation regarding his unusual visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last November, US President Donald Trump stated that the media is suggesting he went there as a result of suffering a series of "mini-strokes," although none of the claims he cited had suggested anything specific.
On Tuesday, Trump tweeted: "It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes. Never happened to THIS candidate - FAKE NEWS.”

The tweet was followed hours later by a statement from White House physician Sean Conley, who said he was speaking out at Trump's request. 

"I can confirm that President Trump has not experienced nor been evaluated for a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), transient ischemic attack (mini stroke), or any acute cardiovascular emergencies, as have been incorrectly reported in the media," Conley said.

Trump's visit to Walter Reed last year was unannounced and remained hidden for two days as he remained out of public view.

Is this a case of Trump having a Freudian slip? He is known for “thinking out loud.” Or maybe he’s just thinking about his golf game too much?
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