Will Executive Order Trump Democrats?

Will Executive Order Trump Democrats?
On today’s episode of Fault Lines, hosts Shane Stranahan and Jamarl Thomas discussed the news of the day and topics ranging from Donald Trump's latest executive orders to the back-and-forth sanctions between the United States and China over Hong Kong to the upcoming base presidential pick or Democrat candidate Joe Biden.


Stephen Lendman - Author and Geopolitical Analyst | US & China Relationship

Margaret Kimberley - Senior Columnist and Editor for Black Agenda Report | Joe Biden and the Black Community

Jareth Corpus - Author of Ukraine: Forever A Pawn | The Role of Clinton Allies in Russiagate

In Jamarl’s first hour monologue, he looked at a recent press conference in which Donald Trump had announced his executive orders providing relief to American citizens and thought that Trump was unable to defend their constitutionality. Then Shane and Jamarl were joined by guest Stephen Lendman, who picked up on that topic and criticized the Trump executive orders right now because of their unconstitutionality. They discussed whether Trump's actions would hurt the Democrats, who have threatened to take him to court over his populist move. They also discussed what is driving the United States cold war with China, and Stephen said he believes that the 21st-century will belong to China economically and eventually militarily. Stephen also said the United States is a waning power, and China’s economy will soon be the largest in the world, something the US finds especially threatening.

In the second hour, the hosts spoke with Margaret Kimberley, who discussed Joe Biden's relationship to the black community and said that she believes two of the main contenders for the vice-presidential nomination - Kamala Harris and Susan Rice - were both in culture control and then neither would help him increase black turnout. They also discussed the difficulty of creating change through electoral politics, and Kimberley said she believes the future is in local action, including voluntary action such as the "solidarity economy" she sees developing with things such as food and childcare co-ops.

In the third hour, Shane and Jamarl were joined by Jareth Copas, who took a detailed look at the Brookings Institute, the Washington, DC, think tank connected to the Russiagate hoax. Christopher Steele’s primary sub-Shores has been identified as a Ukrainian who worked at Brookings, and Jareth talked about Strobe Talbott’s role at Brookings and also how the think tank had changed from a relatively unbiased group in the 1960s to a key neoconservative outlet after Reagan. Jareth also discussed the background of Robert Kagan, his wife Victoria Nuland, and their connection to the key players in the Russiagate story. Then he looked at the Chalupa sisters and their connection before discussing his view of Ukraine as being upon between the East and West.

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