Russia is Perceived as the Country Stopping the West From Achieving Hegemony Across the World

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The star atop the Vodovzvodnaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. Right: the Grand Kremlin Palace, and the Church of St. John Climacus the Ivan the Great Bell Tower - Sputnik International
The UK government has claimed that Russia was directly involved in the leaking of documents related to the UK-US post-Brexit trade deal. The files were stolen from an email account belonging to Conservative MP Liam Fox, after he fell victim to a phishing scam.

The UK government has said Russians almost certainly sought to interfere in the election through the documents, despite the fact there had been no formal investigations into potential Russian interference in British democracy.

Author and political commentator, Nikola Mirkovic, explains why western media is so quick to blame Russia for these data breaches.

Sputnik: What was your reaction to the latest accusations regarding Russian Hacking?

Nikola Mirkovic: It's quite preposterous and we've seen these accusations many times in the past years of Russian meddling in the US election, Russians behind the Brexit, Russians behind the yellow vests in France and we are yet to see one piece of evidence or proof of this. The Mueller report in the US said that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. All of this goes down to show that Russia is now the official Boogeyman.

When there's something wrong going on, in a western country, they have to find a scapegoat and that scapegoat is Russia. I think a lot of people don't believe this hype anymore and it's quite dumbfounding to see that mainstream media still go after Russia every time something is going wrong because we all know that that is false today. I'm not saying the Russians were not behind it maybe we are, all countries spy on each other, but finger pointing Russia without showing any proof is really preposterous. This is a farcical.

Sputnik: How can the UK Government make these claims considering they have admitted to not investigating potentia, foreign interference?

Nikola Mirkovic: Of course and this shows how low mainstream media and even government communication has gone. Governments today are accusing foreign nations, they're saying this at the same time that we have no proof whatsoever, or we have testimonies of people who are speaking on the condition of anonymity. So this is quite scary, because how can they finger point somebody if we've got no proof? This is very embarrassing, of course, for the UK Government for the discussions with the US.

UK Parliament at Sunset - Sputnik International
'All A Hoax!' UK Politicians Respond to Parliament's 'Russia Report'
There are a lot of actors who could be behind these hackings, this could come from other agencies within the UK, this could come from the US or this could come from a lot of countries. Singling one out and saying this is the Russians, this is just something that the government is saying because they have to find a guilty party immediately because they don't know who is behind these hackings and instead of going through a thorough investigation, and try to find out who really is behind it well in a couple of minutes, they have to give information to the press, the obvious culprit has to be Russia because that is the current narrative in the West.

When we're embarrassed when we're showing our own flaws, we have to find a scapegoat and that Boogeyman today is Russia. This is not a normal situation. We should wait for information and we should be presented with evidence. Then we can finger point and then we can accuse a country, not before. No justice system can work like that.

Sputnik: Could the UK be using these accusations to deflect from their ongoing troubles with Coronavirus?

Nikola Mirkovic: Definitely, we see this all across the west. It's the same situation in France, even in Poland. There's a major flaw, there's a major problem within a country. We have to find a scapegoat. We have to find somebody who's responsible for this because, of course, Western countries cannot be responsible for any of this. And Western countries can never do any of this. The UK, the home of James Bond, never does massive surveillance, never spies on other countries.

So this is all obvious. So they have to find a culprit and that corporate today and it depends on the periods of time today that corporate is Russia, because Russia is a major power, which is not going along with the Western narrative. It's not going along with that narrative on the Coronavirus. It's not going on that along with the narrative concerning Libya concerning Syria concerning international trade concerning 5g telephone telephone system. So Russia is perceived as the country which is stopping the west from increasing It's hegemony across the world.

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