'Without a Doubt, an Alien Craft': UFO Gets Spotted by Security Cam, Conspiracy Theorist Claims

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In his blog, Waring argued that the object in the video appears to be way slower than a meteor, and that it even ends up changing its shape during flight.

A glowing flying object that was apparently spotted by a night security camera in the sky above New Mexico this week might've been an extraterrestrial craft, prolific conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring suggests.

Having examined the footage in question, Waring insisted that while the object was "immediately labeled a meteor", the characteristics it displays in the video "scream out UFO".

"For instance, the object is 5X slower than a meteor. The object is changing shape from round, to disk, to oval, meteors have a constant shape", Waring wrote in his blog. "This object even speeds up as it goes behind the hill...which meteors cannot do. But above all, this object flew over a building on the hill, and its shape changed, flashing brightly right above it".

Noting how the object then “triples its speed and shoots off”, the conspiracy theorist went on to argue that what he described “has UFO written all over”.

"Just the facts guys, thats all I'm reporting...and this without a doubt...an alien craft", Waring surmised.
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