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Minsk Mayhem: Belarusian BTR-80s Bounce Bumpers at Red Light - Video

Video footage of a fender bender on the streets of Minsk, Belarus, involving armored vehicles from the country’s military has emerged online.

A bystander on a bus in the Belarusian capital on Sunday recorded an amusing incident on the road next to her when a convoy of BTR-80 wheeled armored vehicles slammed into one another at what appears to be a red traffic light.

​As the line of BTR-80s approaches the light and slows to a stop one by one, one of the drivers clearly misjudges how much room he has left and slams into the vehicle in front of him. That one, in turn, hits the one in front of it, and so on and so forth up to the front of the line as the bus passengers watch in amazement.

“Oh f**k!” the woman filming yells out. “He got hit on the head! Poor thing.”

Then, as one of the drivers attempts to back up, he hits the BTR-80 behind him, bouncing off the front of it and right into the vehicle in front of him, starting the chain reaction all over again.

The armored vehicles, which are used to transport troops into fighting areas and can travel amphibiously, are reportedly in the city in preparation for a celebration of the anniversary of the foundation of the Belarusian Special Forces and Airborne units on August 1.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time BTR-80s have proven how badly they mix with civilian cars. Another pileup in Kursk, Russia, in February 2019 saw four cars get sandwiched between two of the armored vehicles.

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