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Ufologist Claims NASA Satellite Captured 'Alien Cube Ship' Ten Times Larger Than Earth

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The mysterious object was captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which was developed together with the European Space Agency. The mission, launched in 1996, studies the Sun’s interior and exterior. Over the past 25 years, SOHO has also discovered more than 3,000 comets.

A prominent ufologist claims that NASA’s SOHO satellite has captured images of an "alien cube ship" that is 10 times bigger than the Earth. In a post on his ETdatabase blog dedicated to UFOs, Scott Waring writes that the enormous cube reportedly comes and goes from the Sun in order to gather energy.

"Its thought that either the cubes created a hollow sun to live within and gather energy from or there is some special particles that we are not yet aware of at our stance of existence...and these cube ships are gathering those rare particles. Ether way, its their sun no ours...we don't have control over it as much as they will", Waring wrote in the post.

​NASA scientists, however, are sceptical that the cube in the photo is of extraterrestrial origin. James Oberg, a former employee of the space agency, said that most UFO sightings in space are "space dandruff" floating in front of the cameras. "I’ve had enough experience with real spaceflight to realise that what's being seen in many videos is nothing beyond the 'norm' from fully mundane phenomena occurring in unearthly settings", Oberg told the Daily Express.


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