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Private Pilot's Photos of Area 51 Show a Building Going Missing, Media Suggests

Earlier this year, the pilot revealed that he wasn't “really seeing any activity” as he was flying near the famous installation.

A private pilot named Gabe Zeifman, who managed to fly along the border of the legendary US military installation known as Area 51 after obtaining permission to pass through the airspace surrounding it, has spotted a peculiar development at the site as one building there seems to have vanished.

According to The Sun, one photo snapped by Zeifman during such flight in April shows a hangar that appears to be under construction, while a more recent photo taken by him in July shows that building gone.

While it wasn't immediately clear what might've caused this change in scenery, the newspaper suggests that the building in question might've actually been a temporary structure.

​Previously, Zeiman told Mystery Wire that his "main thought" while flying close to the border with Area 51 was "being careful not to cross", though he stated that he wouldn't expect anything "dramatic like they're going to shoot you down."

During an interview with the media outlet back in April, he also noted that he wasn't "really seeing any activity" at the base while flying near it.

"It’s just the runways and stuff and I think it’s pretty cool anyway, just seeing that, you know, the place that everybody knows about, talks about but you can’t really see", Zeifman remarked.
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