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US Daily COVID-19 Cases Surpass 59,000

US Daily COVID-19 Cases Surpass 59,000
On this episode of The Critical Hour, host Dr. Wilmer Leon is joined by Dr. Margaret Flowers, co-editor of Popular Resistance, to discuss the latest news about coronavirus cases.

As the Trump administration pushes states to reopen further, the US set another record for new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday by recording more than 59,400, reported the New York Times. That marked the fifth national record in nine days.

"The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected President Trump’s assertion that he enjoys absolute immunity from investigation while in office, allowing a New York prosecutor to pursue a subpoena of the president’s private and business financial records," the Washington Post reported Thursday. "In a separate case, the court sent a fight over congressional subpoenas for the material back to lower courts because of 'significant separation of powers concerns.'" What does this mean for the president, and what signals does it send about the court’s perspective on separation of powers and the Constitution? Professors Marjorie Cohn and David Schultz give us their analyses.            

According to a Tuesday report in Mother Jones, "The Trump administration is giving a draconian choice to foreign students at schools that plan to offer only online courses this fall: Quickly transfer to a school with in-person classes or leave the country." In this time of uncertainty and turmoil, why do this to students? Attorneys Mark Shmueli and Carlos Castaneda discuss this issue.

A July 3 headline in MintPress News reads: "Israeli Annexation Could Turn the West Bank Into a Gaza-Style Open Air Prison." This story is not getting attention in the US' mainstream, corporate media. Dr. Ramzy Baroud, a Palestinian-American journalist, media consultant, author, columnist and editor, gives his insight on the matter.


Dr. Margaret Flowers - Co-editor of Popular Resistance.

Marjorie Cohn - Professor of law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California, and a former president of the National Lawyers Guild.

David Schultz - Professor of political science at Hamline University and author of "Presidential Swing States: Why Only Ten Matter."

Mark Shmueli - Immigration lawyer.

Carlos Castaneda - Immigration lawyer.

Dr. Ramzy Baroud - Palestinian journalist and editor of the Palestine Chronicle. He is the former managing editor of Middle East Eye and former deputy managing editor of Al Jazeera Online.

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