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Low-Flying Cigar-Shaped Object Filmed Gliding Along Mountains in Tennessee

The white object was spotted hovering above the mountain ridge before descending behind it. The witness who filmed the video said he had never seen a plane like that, leading outer space lovers to suggest that it was a UFO.

A couple in Whitwell, Tennessee were looking for a double rainbow but instead apparently filmed a UFO.

A video uploaded by Whitwell resident Alan Barra in late June shows a white low-flying object gliding along the mountain ridge for about 20 seconds before disappearing behind it.

Alan’s wife can be heard saying in the video: “What is it? Are you recording this?” to which he replies: “I don't know what it is. It looks like a damn UFO.”

The clip has since appeared on several YouTube channels specialising in paranormal stuff. “Definitely a UFO. It has that classic haze around,” one commenter said.

“What's at the top of the mountain that the UFO might be interested in/headed to up there I wonder?” another wrote.

Barra gave a brief interview to one conspiracy theory channel, in which he did not rule out that the mystery object was a mere aircraft. “I can’t say for sure that wasn’t a plane, but I’ve not seen a plane like that,” he added.

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