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UFO Hunter Spots 'Alien Warrior Figure' in NASA Photo From Mars

Images of the Red Planet’s surface recently taken by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity have proved to be an inexhaustible source of discoveries for some restless alien enthusiasts.

Those who seek will always find, some say. A self-proclaimed UFO expert, Scott C. Waring, just made a shocking new discovery with the help of photos from Mars recently published by NASA, claiming that one of the images showed nothing less than a warrior-like figure carved into the planet’s hillside.

“I found this figure in a hillside on Mars in the latest NASA rover photo today. The figure could be male or female, because often on Earth the ancient warrior chest armour of warriors often has an enhanced chest area to make them look more muscular in battle and put fear into the enemy,” Waring wrote in his blog ET Database on 19 June.

According to the UFO enthusiast, it even reminded him of the famous likenesses on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

“Some aliens have an enlarged or elongated cranium compared to humans. Its placed on the side of a hill and reminds me of the time I lived near Mount Rushmore and saw the presidents faces on the side of the mountain. Its a typical thing to do for intelligent species...because being proud of certain individuals in your culture and carving them into stone makes them last forever [sic]”, he added.

The alien hunter then elaborated a bit more on his discovery on his YouTube channel. In a video, he tried to illustrate the difference between the original NASA photo and the one showing colourised version of the rock which he perceived to be warrior-looking. And many of his subscribers saw some truth in his photo manipulations.

“Pretty cool man nice job! With everything else that's been found up there over the last few years, especially other statues, I think you're spot on in your assessment. Colouring makes it pop out even more, but definitely something there. I mean we're talking probably a million years of erosion or whatever catastrophe took place on the planet,” one YouTuber commented.

"How beautiful. Osidian arrowheads!!! This also beautiful. The shape of a woman. A Queen. Why warrior? Just standing up for herself. In all her glory. A woman,” another user wrote.

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Others, however, remained sceptical about his discovery.

“You can find everything there even you can try on Earth on a rocky place, if you want to see smthng [sic] be sure you will see it , but it is only a rock,” one viewer wrote.

The Taiwan-based UFO enthusiast is well known for frequently analysing NASA photos and Google maps images in his search for some alien anomaly. According to his tens of thousands of subscribers, from time to time he actually makes some jaws drop.  

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