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Passengers arrive at Palma de Mallorca Airport, as Spain officially reopens the borders amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain June 21, 2020. - Sputnik International

Live Updates: WHO Registers Over 183,000 New COVID-19 Cases Globally as Total Surpasses 8.7 Million

The global cumulative toll of confirmed coronavirus cases has surpassed 8.7 million, with 183,020 cases recorded over the past day, the World Health Organization said in its daily situation report on Sunday.

Over the past 24 hours, 4,743 people died from COVID-19 worldwide, taking the death toll to 461,715 fatalities, according to the report. The cumulative global toll of confirmed cases has now reached 8,708,008, as stated in the report.

The plurality of cases and deaths — 4.3 million and 219,144, respectively — remain concentrated in the Americas. The United States continues being the country with the highest single count of cases and fatalities — 2.2 million and 118,895, respectively.

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03:12 GMT 22.06.2020
China Registers 18 New COVID-19 Cases, Seven Asymptomatic Cases Over 24-Hour Period

BEIJING (Sputnik) - China registered 18 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, none of the remaining COVID-19 patients in the country recovered over that period, the National Health Commission said on Monday.

Out of the 18 new cases, 11 are local, nine of them registered in Beijing, where a hike in new infections started earlier this month. According to the commission, China registered seven asymptomatic coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours.

On Sunday, China registered 26 new coronavirus cases, all but one of them local (22 registered in Beijing).

The country’s total number of confirmed coronavirus cases now stands at 83,396, the death toll is 4,634. The total number of recovered individuals in China stands at 78,413.

A new cluster of coronavirus cases was detected in Beijing earlier this month. On 13 June, Beijing authorities announced they had shut down the city’s major wholesale food market, Xinfadi, after several dozen people linked to the market tested positive for the coronavirus. Restrictive measures have been re-imposed in the Chinese capital.

The current coronavirus pandemic started in China in December of last year. Initial reports indicated that the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in China could be linked to a "wet market" in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province, where meat, live animals and seafood were sold.

According to local reports, the coronavirus was detected on a chopping board for imported salmon at the Xinfadi market this month.

01:02 GMT 22.06.2020
Mexico Now Has Over 180,000 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases, Death Toll Approaching 22,000

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Mexico now stands at over 180,500 while the country’s COVID-19 death toll is at over 21,800 with over 1,000 new deaths registered in the past 24 hours, the latest data from the country’s Health Ministry shows.

"In Mexico, a total of 180,545 people have tested positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately, 21,825 people have died," Jose Luis Alomia, the director of epidemiology at Mexico’s Ministry of Health, said during a Sunday press conference, broadcast on Twitter.

Over the past 24 hours, Mexico registered 1,044 new coronavirus-related deaths, another 1,892 suspected COVID-19 fatalities are under investigation.

On Saturday, Alomia said that there were over 23,500 active coronavirus cases in Mexico with the total number of confirmed cases standing at 175,200. More than 4,700 new COVID-19 cases and 387 new coronavirus-related deaths were registered in Mexico on Saturday, over a 24-hour period.

On Friday, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Mexico stood at 170,485 and the death toll stood at 20,394. A week ago, Mexico had over 142,000 coronavirus cases while the country’s COVID-19 death toll stood at around 16,800.

23:29 GMT 21.06.2020
Brazil's Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 50,600, Health Ministry Says

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Brazil confirmed over 17,400 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours and over 640 new deaths from COVID-19, Health Ministry data shows.

There are now 1,085,038 confirmed coronavirus cases in Brazil and the country’s total COVID-19 death toll stands at 50,617, according to Sunday data from the country’s health ministry.

Almost 550,000 people have recovered from COVID-19 in Brazil.

On Saturday, Brazil’s health ministry reported nearly 35,000 new coronavirus cases confirmed over a 24-hour period and more than 1,000 new deaths from COVID-19. On Friday, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Brazil surpassed one million.

Brazil has the second-highest coronavirus death toll, it is surpassed only by the United States, which has registered over 119,900 COVID-19 fatalities. Brazil and the United States are also the top two countries in terms of the total number of registered coronavirus cases (the United States has the highest total of over 2.2 million COVID-19 cases).

22:40 GMT 21.06.2020
Egypt Has Over 55,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases, Death Toll at Nearly 2,200

CAIRO (Sputnik) - The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Egypt has surpassed 55,000 while the country's death toll stands at nearly 2,200 the country’s Health Ministry announced late on Sunday night.

"1,475 new positive coronavirus test results have been registered … In the past 24 hours, 87 people died from the [coronavirus] disease," Health Ministry Spokesman Khaled Mogahed said in a statement obtained by Sputnik.

All of the newly-registered patients are being treated at hospitals for coronavirus-infected individuals, according to the spokesman.

"The total number of people infected with the coronavirus in Egypt is 55,233 of them 14,736 have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals, while 2,193 people have died," Mogahed said.

Egypt’s health ministry has called on all people to wear face masks and observe sanitary measures. Violators face a fine of up to 4,000 Egyptian pounds (about $247).

Beaches and parks are still closed to the public in Egypt and a night-time curfew is in place. State institutions only have a limited number of staff working.

Earlier this month, two of Egypt’s ministers decided to self-isolate after coming into contact with coronavirus-infected individuals.

22:05 GMT 21.06.2020
Moscow Registers 20 New Coronavirus-Related Fatalities, City's Total Death Toll at 3,617

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Russian capital registered 20 new deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, Moscow’s total coronavirus death toll has surpassed 3,600 according to the latest data from the Moscow COVID-19 Response Center.

"In Moscow, 20 patients died, all of them with confirmed diagnosis of pneumonia and positive coronavirus tests," the center said in a Sunday update.

On Saturday, 32 new coronavirus-related fatalities were registered in the Russian capital. Moscow’s total COVID-19 death toll now stands at 3,617.

According to Sunday data from the national coronavirus response center, Russia registered 7,728 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, 968 of them in Moscow.

18:58 GMT 21.06.2020
France Says Its COVID-19 Death Toll Rises by 7 to 29,640

The death toll from COVID-19 in France rose by seven from the previous day to 29,640, according to the country's national health service.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases rose by 284 to 160,377.

18:25 GMT 21.06.2020
Turkey Says Its Daily Increase in COVID-19 Cases Still Close to 1,200

ANKARA (Sputnik) - Health authorities in Turkey have detected 1,192 new cases of the coronavirus infection over the past day, consistent with the dynamic of the past two days, according to a situation update by Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca on Sunday.

After hitting a high of almost 1,500 cases on Wednesday, the daily increase in the number of cases in Turkey reversed and went down to 1,214 on Friday and 1,248 on Saturday.

According to Koca's report, posted on Twitter, the cumulative toll since the epidemic's start in Turkey has now grown to 187,685 cases.

Over the past day, 23 people died from COVID-19, taking the death toll to 4,950.

Total recoveries have reached 160,240, an increase of 1,412 from the day before.

17:28 GMT 21.06.2020
Nearly 60% of US Citizens Disapprove of Trump's Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic - Poll

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The majority of US citizens — 58 percent — disapprove of President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, of which they so far remain the largest victim, an ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed on Sunday.

According to the survey's findings, 41 percent said they were satisfied with the president’s response to the outbreak.

The attitude improved slightly compared to surveys conducted in early June. Back then, disapproval for Trump's actions stood at 60 percent, and approval at 39 percent.

Since ABC News/Ipsos began polling on the coronavirus response in the US in mid-March, Trump's approval has mostly held steady, except for one week in mid-March, when it peaked at 55 percent, in contrast to 43 percent of dissatisfied. Back then, the rating improved after the administration took stricter federal measures to combat the disease. In particular, the president declared a national emergency, expanded the European travel ban and urged against group gatherings of more than 10 people, among others.

The survey was conducted from June 17-19 among 727 people over 18 years old with a margin of error standing at 4.1 percent.

17:06 GMT 21.06.2020
Dutch Police Detain Dozens of People at Protest Against Coronavirus Policies

Dozens of people were detained after clashes with police during protests against the government's coronavirus policies in the Hague on Sunday, AFP reported. 

According to police, a demonstration was peaceful until a group of football fans started throwing stones into riot police officers near the Central Station. 

Some of the protesters refused to leave the area after the demonstration, and the police had to use water cannons to disperse the crowd. 

16:00 GMT 21.06.2020
Bahrain's Ambassador to Russia Says Kingdom Plans to Cooperate With Russia on COVID-19 Medication

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Bahrain plans to cooperate with Russia on the coronavirus treatment, especially after Russia-made Avifavir yielded positive results, the kingdom's ambassador to Moscow, Ahmed Abdulrahman Al Saati, said.

"We have a plan of cooperation with Russia in this area [the medication against the COVID-19], especially after reports confirming its efficiency on the first stage of infection in particular," the ambassador told Al-Ayam newspaper.

Avifavir, created on the basis of Favipiravir, is one of the two antiviral drugs for COVID-19 treatment registered globally. In early June, the Russian Health Ministry said that the medication had proven 90 percent efficient during trials.

It is currently not possible to purchase Avifavir in a pharmacy, it is available only to patients treated at hospitals and is used under medical supervision.

14:27 GMT 21.06.2020
Local Authorities in Germany Urge Police to Enforce Quarantine Measures Amid Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Authorities in Germany's Goettingen and North-Rhine Westphalia regions have called on police to enforce quarantine measures amid a spike in COVID-19 infections, which caused the country's virus reproduction rate to rise.

On Saturday, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for public health announced that Germany's COVID-19 reproduction rate jumped to 1.79, which is higher above the level needed to contain the spread of the infection. 

14:24 GMT 21.06.2020
Traffic Resumes Across Spanish-French Border After COVID-19 Restrictions Eased

Citizens of EU member states and those from the Schengen zone can freely enter Spain, without a 14-day quarantine, starting from 21 June. 

This comes as the last of the Spanish coronavirus restrictions introduced in March have been eased. 

14:04 GMT 21.06.2020
UK Confirms Its COVID-19 Death Toll Rises by 43 to 42,632

LONDON (Sputnik) - The United Kingdom registered 43 COVID-19 deaths on Sunday, well below the previous four days which all posted over 120 fatalities, the daily update from the Department of Health and Social Care showed.

The overall death toll has now reached 42,632 from 304,331 infections, according to the department’s statistics.

The ministry’s death statistics fluctuate significantly, with weekends usually showing fewer deaths only to be followed by jumps in fatality rates as the weekend statistics are compiled on weekdays.

The UK similarly does not post the number of recovered patients leaving the public unaware of the number of active cases in the populace.

The government monitoring of the infection’s spread, the reproduction rate, symbolized R, was placed at 0.7-0.9 across the country. The government has vowed to reintroduce some restriction measures if the R-rate exceeds 1.

13:18 GMT 21.06.2020
PepsiCo Suspends Production at Beijing Factory After Recording COVID-19 Case

PepsiCo has suspended production at its Beijing facility after detecting a case of the coronavirus infection on site, Fan Zhimin, the director of corporate affairs at PepsiCo Greater China Region, said on Sunday.

"After we detected one case of the coronavirus infection associated with the Xinfadi market at our factory in Daxing district, we immediately launched an emergency response mechanism, suspended production, disinfected the premises, isolated employees, and took measures for the separate storage of goods," the official said at a press conference.

The director added that the COVID-19 case was registered on Monday, and over the week 480 employees were quarantined despite negative tests for the coronavirus.

The executive also said that the company had conducted an investigation and samples had already been taken from the environment. The company's products are safe, she added.

Meanwhile, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that eight COVID-19 cases were detected at a food factory in Daxing district, without specifying the name of the company.

10:55 GMT 21.06.2020
Estonia Registers No New Cases of COVID-19 Over Past 24 Hours

Estonia has not confirmed any new cases of the coronavirus over the past 24 hours with the country's tally remaining at 1,981, the Health Board said on Sunday.

"COVID-19 was diagnosed in 1,981 Estonians in various regions of the country. Since 31 January, more than 102,000 tests for coronavirus have been conducted in Estonia. Eight patients remain in hospitals. Sixty-nine people died during the pandemic," the authority said in a statement.

10:01 GMT 21.06.2020
Singapore's COVID-19 Cases Surpass 42,000 Amid Lockdown Easing

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease in Singapore has risen by 262 to 42,095 over the past day, compared to the 218 cases detected the day prior, the country's Health Ministry said on Sunday.

"As of 21 June 2020, 12pm, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has preliminarily confirmed an additional 262 cases of COVID-19 infection in Singapore, the vast majority of whom are Work Permit holders residing in foreign worker dormitories. Based on our investigations so far, there are 9 cases in the community, of whom 3 are Singaporeans/Permanent Residents and 6 are Work Pass holders," the ministry said in a statement.

Starting Friday, the city-state began implementing the second phase of lifting its shutdown measures, after the first phase went by without an increase in infections.

09:25 GMT 21.06.2020
Armenia Detects 560 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Reaches 20,268

Armenia has registered 560 new coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours, and the total number climbed to 20,268, the country's National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said on Sunday.

A day earlier, the authorities reported total of 19,708 COVID-19 cases and 332 deaths.

"Armenia confirmed 20,268 cases of coronavirus. A total of 9,002 patients were cured, 350 people died," the center said, noting that 10,802 patients were being treated, and 95,754 tests had been carried out.

The Armenian government declared a state of emergency over COVID-19 on March 16, which is to expire on July 13.

In Georgia, eight new coronavirus cases have been registered in the past day with the overall number of infection is now at 906. The death toll stands at 14, while 755 people recovered in total.

Meanwhile, Ukraine recorded 735 new infections in the past day that brought the total tally to 36,560. The death toll is now 1,002 after nine people died in the past day.

07:46 GMT 21.06.2020
Russia Detects 7,728 COVID-19 Cases Over Past 24 Hours

Russia has registered 7,728 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours (7,889 yesterday), bringing the total count to 584,680, the national coronavirus response center said on Sunday.

"Over the past 24 hours, Russia has confirmed 7,728 COVID-19 cases in 84 regions, of which 2,335 (30.2 percent) have been detected actively, with people showing no clinical symptoms," the response center said in a statement, adding that the country had confirmed 584,680 cases (+1.3 percent) so far.

Of all the new cases, 968 have been registered in Moscow, 549 in the Moscow Region and 294 in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area (compared to yesterday's 1,057, 591 and 280, respectively).

The country's COVID-19 death toll has grown by 109 (161 yesterday) to 8,111.

As many as 5,119 COVID-19 patients have recovered across the country (10,186 yesterday), bringing the total number of cured people to 339,711.

The lowest COVID-19 daily rates were recorded in the Nenets Autonomous Area (0 percent) and Moscow (0.5 percent).

07:37 GMT 21.06.2020
Uzbekistan's COVID-19 Count Passes 6,200 After Rising By 191 in Past Day

Uzbekistan confirmed 191 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, taking the total tally to 6,216 amid the extension of quarantine restrictions until August 1, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

Despite the recent decision to extend the lockdown, the Central Asian country has already lifted some measures. In particular, movement between regions is allowed, places of worship are reopened and public transport is operating again. The day before, the ministry reported about 6,025 COVID-19 cases in the country and 19 related fatalities.

"As of June 21, 2020, 10:00 [local time, 05:00 GMT] the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Uzbekistan is 5,216," the ministry said in its official Telegram channel.

At the same time, the number of recoveries increased to 4,290, according to the health authorities.

Meanwhile, in Kyrgyzstan, 170 new infections were detected in the past 24 hours that brings the overall number of cases to more than 3,100. A total of 56 of the new cases were registered in Bishkek. The country's death toll stands at 37, while the number of recoveries is at 2,011.

07:07 GMT 21.06.2020
Russian President Putin Signs Decrees Awarding Medical Workers for Contributing to Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decrees awarding medical workers for contributing in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, a statement published on the Kremlin website said on Sunday.

"Vladimir Putin signed decrees awarding employees of Russian medical and scientific institutions with Pirogov Order and the Luke of Crimea Medal for their great contribution to the fight against coronavirus infection and their dedicated work during the performance of professional duties," the statement read.

06:45 GMT 21.06.2020
Over 1,000 More Patients Recovered From COVID-19 in Moscow

Another 1,007 people have been cured of COVID-19 in Moscow, bringing the total number of recovered patients in the city to over 135,500, Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova said on Sunday.

"The number of recoveries in Moscow continues to grow. In the last 24 hours, 1,007 more people recovered after treatment. The total number of recoveries has grown to 135,556," Rakova told reporters.

According to the deputy mayor, recovered people in Moscow are offered to become plasma donors.

06:45 GMT 21.06.2020
Japan's Flag Carrier Eyes to Pay 150,000 Yen Allowances to Each Employee Amid COVID Crisis

Japan's flag carrier Japan Airlines Co. (JAL) intends to pay special allowances of up to 150,000 yen ($1,400) each to about 36,000 its employees to support them amid significant decline in the number of flights due to COVID-19 crisis, Kyodo news agency reported on Sunday, citing sources.

According to the sources, the move aims to boost the morale of employees after the company announced earlier in June that it planned to halve employees' summer bonuses over sharp deterioration in business.

The allowances are expected to be payed in early July, the media said. The total of such payments will be about 5 billion yen.

Against the background of the pandemic and the reduction in the number of flights, JAL's operating losses for the first three months of 2020 are estimated at over 20 billion yen, Kyodo says.

06:19 GMT 21.06.2020
Number of COVID-19 Cases in India Rises By Record 15,400 in Past Day, Total Passes 410,000

India has registered the highest COVID-19 single-day surge of 15,400 in the past 24 hours with the overall number of cases in the country reaches 410,461, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Sunday.

India keeps recording over a dozen thousand of new cases daily since June 12. On Saturday, the country confirmed 14,500 cases and around 13,500 on Thursday. According to the Johns Hopkins University, India ranks fourth in terms of COVID-19 cases confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic, after the United States, Brazil and Russia.

According to the ministry, 169,451 COVID-19 patients are currently undergoing treatment in the country. The number of recoveries has reached 227,755 after increasing by 13,925 in the past day, and the death toll has grown by 306 to 13,254.

The central state of Maharashtra accounts for about one-third of all the confirmed cases (128,205), followed by Tamil Nadu in the country's south (56,845 cases) and the National Capital Territory of Delhi (56,746 cases).

04:58 GMT 21.06.2020
Germany Registers 687 New COVID-19 Positive Tests as Case Total Reaches 189,822

The total number of COVID-19 cases registered in Germany since the start of the outbreak has risen by 687 over the preceding 24 hours to 189,822, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Sunday as the disease continues to spread in pronounced clusters across the country.

The latest increase to the country’s coronavirus disease case total is slightly above the 601 new positive tests reported by the institute on Saturday.

The RKI also revised the country’s COVID-19 death toll, which stands at 8,882 as of Sunday. This is one below the 8,883 deaths reported as of Saturday, although no explanation was given for the change.

According to domestic media reports, more than 1,000 cases of the disease have been reported among employees of a meat processing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbruck, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Other clusters have emerged over recent days in the cities of Berlin and Gottingen.

04:52 GMT 21.06.2020
South Korea Records 48 New Cases of COVID-19 In Sharp Drop From Saturday

A total of 48 new positive tests for the coronavirus disease have been recorded in South Korea over the past 24 hours, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said Sunday.

The latest daily increase to the case total is significantly below the 67 new cases reported on Saturday.

All but 8 of the 48 new positive tests resulted from internal transmission, the KCDC said.

The bulk of the new cases were registered in Seoul, as 17 new positive tests were confirmed in the South Korean capital, the KCDC said. A further ten cases were reported in both Gyeonggi province and the city of Daejeon.

Since the start of the outbreak, 12,421 cases of the coronavirus disease have been registered by the KCDC.

There was no reported rise to the country’s COVID-19 death toll, which still stands at 280, public health officials said.

The daily rise in coronavirus disease cases in South Korea fell to single figures in late April and early May, but a steady rise in positive tests has emerged within certain clusters, such as those who patronized night clubs in Seoul’s Itaewon district.

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