Not Exactly a Cuddly Companion: Pet Snake Attack’s Owner

© Photo : YouTube/ViralHogSnake Strikes from Above
Snake Strikes from Above   - Sputnik International
Despite its exotic nature, having a snake as a pet does come with upsides. Obviously, the snake will not scratch your favorite sofa and furniture, you don't need to hide cords from it, and you don't need to take it out for a walk. However, it's not as simple as it might appear.

The choice of a snake should be approached consciously: one need's to find out the features of the species, diet and food preferences, whether it is poisonous, and the strength of its “hugs”.

In this video, the owner of a snake gets bitten by his slithery companion.

“I was letting my snake hang out on my coat rack right behind me while I was cleaning and on IG Live. I kept bobbing up and down taunting her and forgetting she was there then she tagged me on my shoulder really quick. No injury, just funny", he commented on the incident.

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