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Video: Netizens Stunned by US Cop’s Emotional PSA Over McDonald’s Order, Call for Mental Evaluation

CC BY 2.0 / Flickr / Mike Mozart / A Junction City McDonald’s is receiving attention after a Herington police officer said he received a coffee with foul language written on it.
A Junction City McDonald’s is receiving attention after a Herington police officer said he received a coffee with foul language written on it. - Sputnik International
Netizens are attempting to make sense of an emotional US cop’s viral plea, in which she alluded to McDonald’s employees possibly poisoning her food amid nationwide calls for police reform.

Most McDonald’s meltdowns are related to the ever-broken ice cream machine, but the latest viral incident involved a delayed Egg McMuffin and an alleged officer’s anxiety at the Golden Arches. 

The video, originally uploaded by Twitter user “tkag2020_ann,” featured a reported 15-year police veteran identified only as Stacey. 

According to the cop, she paid for her Egg McMuffin meal in advance, presumably giving the fast-food restaurant ample time to have the sandwich prepared. However, things took a turn when she learned that her order was delayed. 

“A girl comes out with my coffee - and just the coffee - and she hands it to me and I have my window down,” Stacey said, getting choked up. “So I told her, I said, ‘Don’t bother with the food, because right now I’m too nervous to take it. 

“It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve been up, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done for anyone. Right now I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s, because I can’t see it being made,” she added. 

“I don’t know what’s going on with people nowadays, but please, give us a break. Please, just give us a break. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

She went on to assert that she has spent 15 years in the police force and “never, ever had such anxiety about waiting for McDonald’s drive-thru food.”

“I don’t hear thank you enough anymore,” she concluded, urging those watching to express gratitude to an officer. 

As of this article’s publication, the now-viral video has amassed more than 8.6 million views and attracted a variety of takes from netizens - many of whom juxtaposed Stacey’s experience and chosen career as an officer with the systemic racism endured by black Americans.

Citing her emotional behavior and paranoia, many Twitter users argued that, despite being a reported 15-year veteran of the police force, the department ought to revisit whether she is mentally fit to carry a firearm. 

Many netizens simply trolled the officer’s testimony. 

However, a handful of netizens appeared to be in her corner. User @KathyRenze claimed that Stacey’s emotions are justified and that the McDonald’s in question was “sending her a message” by forcing her to wait. 

Though little is known about Stacey or her thought process, her alleged experience comes on the heels of a New York Police Department probe into the alleged poisoning of three officers’ milkshakes at a local Shake Shack. Despite the officers’ claims, the investigation found “no criminality” on the part of the restaurant’s employees.

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