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Police officers at the branch of Alfa Bank in the center of Moscow, from where it was reported that an unknown person was holding several people - Sputnik International

Police Detain Hostage-Taker at Moscow Bank

Police forces have been deployed to the site of a hostage situation. Six people are reportedly being held captive at the moment.

Russian law enforcement officers were negotiating with a perpetrator who took hostages at a bank located at 41 Zemlyanoy Val in the centre of Moscow. According to maps, Alfa-Bank and Sberbank branches are located in the building. Police have cordoned off a large area around the hostage-taking site.

Per official data provided by Moscow's authorities, six people were purportedly held hostage by the criminal. It's currently unclear what drove the perpetrator to take hostages and if he's made any demands.

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13:26 GMT 23.05.2020

The Moscow Police say they're currently working to determine whether the hostage-taker really had an explosive device as he claimed upon entering the bank. They are also trying to figure out his motives for committing the crime.

13:14 GMT 23.05.2020
12:45 GMT 23.05.2020

No one was hurt during the incident, a bank representative said. He added that employees will be rewarded for acting according to instructions during the hostage-taking attempt.

"The situation has just ended safely, no one was hurt. The hostage-taker, although I doubt we can call him that, because he looks like a mentally unstable person, was detained by law enforcement agencies", the bank representative said.

12:20 GMT 23.05.2020

Moscow Police said in a statement that the man, who barricaded himself inside an Alfa-Bank branch on Zemlyanoy Val, has been detained. Law enforcement later added that neither bank employees, nor visitors, nor policemen were injured in the incident.

12:12 GMT 23.05.2020

Moscow Police said in a statement that the perpetrator had a food delivery service courier bag when he entered the bank, claiming a bomb was inside. Media reports alleged the bag belonged to the Delivery Club service, but the company says it has no information confirming that one of its employees took hostages at an Alfa-Bank.

A Delivery Club spokesperson said law enforcement has made no requests regarding its employees in light of the incident at the Alfa-Bank.

12:04 GMT 23.05.2020

An Alfa-Bank representative says no employees remain in the branch at Zemlyanoy Val, where an unnamed perpetrator has barricaded himself. At the same time, it's unclear whether he remains there alone or is still holding hostages.

The bank representative said the alleged hostage-taker made no distinct demands.

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