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Going Nuts in the Bath: Adorable Ferret Loves Splashing in Clean Water

Some animals don't like baths and it is almost impossible to get them in the water, while others are not afraid to get their paws wet. And, of course, there is a completely different option, for those little creatures who love bathing, and want to get as much washing time with their human friends as possible!

Just look at this tiny ferret! It may have had a rough day, digging holes and hunting in some narrow underground lairs, but now the little guy is happy, splashing in its own bowl, and going ballistic! The ferret is even creating a funnel, as it goes round and round in the water, getting nice and clean.

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It's important that everyone pitches in and helps with household chores. Especially on Mothers Day! Chichi the #petmink happily took dish duty #petminkchichi @marsupials_and_mustelids

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