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Another Bad Bailout, Pushing Biden Left, Keyboard Warriors

Another Bad Bailout, Pushing Biden Left, Keyboard Warriors
Jeff Bezos will be a trillionaire before Washington decides to truly make the rich pay their fair share.

Medea Benjamin, author, activist and co-founder of Code Pink, joined Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas to talk about the disconnect between the anti-war rhetoric often used on the campaign trail (to great applause) and the bloodthirsty status quo candidates settle into once in office. There must always be a boogeyman for politicians to pull out of their hats in a crisis, though polls show Americans have no real appetite for war. The will of the arms industry consistently trumps the will of the people. Pushing Joe Biden to commit to cutting the defense budget by $200 million each year could perhaps begin the process of ending these long-running wars, she says. She also discusses the difficulty of holding politicians to account as hearings, conventions and other formerly public meetings are locked down due to the pandemic. 

Eleanor Goldfield, creative activist and journalist, frontlines organizer and co-host of the podcast Common Censored along with Lee Camp, updated the hosts on the mutual aid work helping communities keep afloat in this time of crisis and the rise in interest in it.. She also slammed the Federal Reserve’s flood of support for huge corporations and oil companies, which are using provisions in pandemic stimulus bills to get out of paying their taxes. These sneaky maneuvers depend on our ignorance, as does our cruel health care system and the rest of our exploitative economic apparatus, she says. Instead of being surprised, take this opportunity to examine our own support for this system and how we can shrug it off. The answer, as always, is education ‒ and recognizing that our masters’ master is fear. 

The Misfits also broke down the depth of the left’s electoral bench, Joe Biden’s strange strategy of telling people not to vote for him, the Patriot Act’s new cover to reach into our internet browser history and the shameful vote that allowed it. They delivered some bad news about retail sales and some good news about a tiger roundup in Mexico. 

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