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'Awesome Catch': Alien Hunter Spots 'UFO Armada' in Utah Skies

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As the conspiracy theorist suggested, the alleged UFOs in the vid "probably came from an underground alien base in the local area".

It seems that conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring, who previously claimed that there's an ancient alien base in Antarctica, has delivered yet another potential UFO-related bombshell in the form of a video (whose veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed) depicting an alleged extraterrestrial craft sighting.

The footage, posted by Waring on his blog and described as an "armada of UFOs" in the post's headline, was apparently recorded on 12 May in the vicinity of St. George, Utah, and depicts "a fleet of strange shiny objects in the far distant sky".

"Was in my back yard and seen some flashes going about maybe 40 miles away, I counted 6. I was in my room (window faces the north) and seen some flashing just kinda thought it was a heli or jet being only 70 miles from Nellis AFB, but then seen the out line of the flash it was like a square plate", an alleged eyewitness statement cited by Waring says, adding that the lights "may have been about 70 feet in length and maybe 10-20 feet flat".

Commenting on the spectacle, Waring remarked that while he'd really like the people who recorded the vid to get closer to the objects they were observing, the apparent proximity of a military base might mean that "the land will be off limits".

"Probably came from an underground alien base in the local area. Awesome catch. Please make it full screen when you watch the video. They are small and hard to see", he added.
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