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Playing Rambo With Guaido, Cops Appropriate COVID-19, Gaslighting Dems

Playing Rambo With Guaido, Cops Appropriate COVID-19, Gaslighting Dems
Joe Biden is going to lose to Donald Trump. There’s still a chance to get something out of this electoral mess, but it’ll take courage.

Kevin Zeese, co-director of Popular Resistance and one of the founders of the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Defense Collective, told Misfit hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas that yes indeed, these unlucky mercenaries captured in Venezuela do indeed have deep ties both to the US administration and to Juan Guaido, the US puppet and supposed opposition leader in Venezuela. Guaido is at this point a joke in Venezuela, but just because this and previous attempts to wrest control from President Nicolas Maduro have failed, don’t expect Washington to abandon its imperialist ambitions or forget its hunger for the resource wealth of countries around the world. 

Journalist Mohammed El Maazi explained why Julian Assange’s extradition hearing has been postponed until September, a concession his team had long called for. However, the judge raised the possibility of moving the next hearing outside of London, which will help keep the process out of the public eye. The London police are also doing their part to keep the public from learning what’s happening, he reported. Yesterday’s hearing drew an unprecedented police presence, who were enthusiastically harassing protesters and journalists and threatening to arrest them for violating imaginary lockdown protocols. 

Ben Becker, editor in chief of BreakThrough News, reported from the COVID-19 epicenter of New York City. He broke down Amazon’s efforts to suppress organization among its employees, the scathing post-resignation letter from a high-level employee and some of the obstacles, including surveillance technology, to labor organization. The three also discussed how to build powerful movements and how movements can force change. 

Yasmina Mrabet and Delonte Wilkins, co-founders of LinkUp, joined to talk about Link Up magazine and the importance of art in liberation movements. The two explained how they use art, culture and communication to break down walls between communities inside and out and how they center political education in it all. 

The Misfits also broke down Democrats’ hypocrisy on Tara Reade and the gift it is for the GOP, plus some more bad news about COVID-19. 

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