Thermal Imaging Cams May Become New Normal in COVID-19 Response

Thermal Imaging Cams May Become New Normal in COVID-19 Response
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon & Lee Stranahan talked with guests about the future of the progressive left, how Russia and the United States have responded to COVID-19, and whether an end to the crisis is in sight.

Margaret Kimberley - 'Black Agenda Report' Editor and Senior Columnist | Progressive Leadership After Bernie

Mark Sleboda - International Relations & Security Analyst | Russia' COVID-19 Response

Robert Wenzel - Economist, Writer at | COVID-19 Lockdown Risk-Reward

Jamarl Thomas - Host of Political Misfits on Radio Sputnik | Joe Biden's Tara Reade Problem

We were joined in our first hour by Margaret Kimberley to talk about the future of progressive leadership after Bernie Sanders not only dropped out but endorsed his opponent, Joe Biden, a move which many have seen as the end of his viable presidential career. We also discussed developments in New York as cases seem to be lightening despite the threat of an impending second, larger wave of COVID-19 cases.

In our second hour, we spoke with Mark Sleboda about Russia's response to coronavirus, the global food supply situation, and how countries around the world have responded to the pandemic.

In our third hour, we spoke with economist Robert Wenzel about the costs and benefits of a continued mandated economic and social lockdown, what he'd recommend instead, and where the coronavirus is going as global cases slowly but steadily increase.

For our last half-hour, we spoke with Jamarl Thomas, host of Radio Sputnik's Political Misfits, about longstanding accusations of sexual misconduct against Joe Biden. We also revisited the topic of where the left can go, and examined the nature of the left-right dichotomy in the context of the political establishment. 

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