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Farmers’ Riddle: Farms Go Bankrupt After Farmers Destroy Food

Farmers’ Riddle: Farms Go Bankrupt After Farmers Destroy Food
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Amanda Starbuck, senior food researcher and policy analyst on the food team at Food & Water Watch.

The economic aid bill that Congress passed last week would open Small Business Administration loans to some farmers. The move came after big banks steered the earlier $500 billion that Congress had appropriated to large corporations that used up all the money before most actual small businesses could even complete their applications. An existing $10 billion aid package provided funding for aquaculture, nurseries, and cooperatives, but allotted nothing for small farms with fewer than 500 employees.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said over the weekend that he was “confident” the US would soon allow the annexation of the occupied West Bank. Netanyahu and his governing partner Benny Gantz, who is now speaker of the Knesset, plan to ask the United States for its support in annexing at least those Israeli settlements that are on Palestinian lands in the West Bank before July. Netanyahu has told confidants that he believes the Trump Administration will give him whatever he wants. Ariel Gold, a peace activist and a member of Code Pink, joins the show.

Brazil’s right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, is facing a perfect storm of political crises that could force him from office. Bolsonaro was already a president without a political party. He was under fire for his responses to massive fires in the Amazon and to the coronavirus pandemic. Then his two sons found themselves under criminal investigation for money laundering and promulgating false campaign information. Now, Bolsonaro’s star Minister of Justice resigned dramatically and called the president a criminal. Can Bolsonaro survive? Brian and John speak with Aline Piva, a journalist and a member of Brazilians for Democracy and Social Justice.

Monday’s segment “Education for Liberation with Bill Ayers” is where Bill helps us look at the state of education across the country. What’s happening in our schools, colleges, and universities, and what impact does it have on the world around us? Bill Ayers, an activist, educator and the author of the book “Demand the Impossible: A Radical Manifesto,” joins Brian and John.

In this segment, The Week Ahead, the hosts take a look at the most newsworthy stories of the coming week and what it means for the country and the world, including the ongoing controversy over the reopening of businesses in states throughout the country and Donald Trump’s bizarre medical advice. Sputnik News analysts and producers of this show Nicole Roussell and Walter Smolarek join the show.

Monday’s regular segment Technology Rules is a weekly guide on how monopoly corporations and the national surveillance state are threatening cherished freedoms, civil rights and civil liberties. Web developer and technologist Chris Garaffa and software engineer and technology and security analyst Patricia Gorky join the show.

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