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Home-Alone TikTok Video Goes Viral After Mysterious 'Phantom' Spotted in the Background

Chinese dancing and video app TikTok has gained increased popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic throughout the world, with people finding different ways to entertain themselves. However, for some, the app rather turned out to be a cause of anxiety and some sleepless nights.

The hair of TikTok user @reubix_cube might have turned grey overnight, after his followers spotted an eerie detail in the background of one of his videos. TikToker shared the clip of him dancing to Doja Cat’s single Say So, and it subsequently went viral – and not because of the user’s splendid choreography.

In the fourth second of his filmed performance something mysteriously appears in the back, watching the dancer closely from the top of the stairs, albeit just for a second, despite the fact that Reuben, the TikToker’s real name, specified that he was alone in the house and did not have any pets.

“lmao i’m home alone so i learned a tiktok dance. lov u doja but what has my life come to?” he captured the clip.

​Many of his followers immediately rushed to point out a creepy appearance in the background, with someone even commenting “the amount of anxiety I have from this video. That’s someone literally poking their head to look at you.”

​Some, however, suggested that the situation could have been staged, as the user specifically tried to point everyone’s attention to the fact that he was home alone. But Reuben immediately cast aside these speculations, arguing that he did not even see the blurred phantom that so many people noticed, it and was really “stomach sick” now.

“When I originally posted the video, I did not expect anyone answering except my friends,” he later told his audience.

“Everyone is wondering why am I so calm over this and the answer is pretty simple – I am not. I've barely slept last night,” the user added.

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Reuben then said that he was “99% certain it was not a person on the stairs” because they creak when you step on them. He also re-assured his audience that he was alone in the house.  

“I need answers!”, he begged.

The original video, with a mysterious phantom in the back, has now received more than 1.6 million views, while over six million people have watched the user’s reaction to the clip after the appearance was spotted.  

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