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US Military May Know the Truth About 'Chinese Lantern UFO' Sightings, Alien Hunter Says

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The UFO hunter dismissed claims about the flying objects being lanterns, as some netizens previously suggested, insisting that lanterns don't behave the way those lights in the sky did.

Stargazers in several cities in the United States were baffled earlier this month by the appearance of strange flying glowing objects in the sky, and one man thinks he knows where to look for answers, the Daily Star reports.

According to the newspaper, Gary Heseltine, founder of the UFO Truth Magazine and a former Detective-Constable, suggested that the answer to this mystery may be found in the US armed forces.

"I am sure that some people in the US military do know what these objects are," Gary said.

He also dismissed claims made by some social media users who argued that the objects in question were merely Chinese lanterns.

"I have watched a lot of lanterns videos over the years and these clips do not seem to be those," Heseltine remarked. "Lanterns flicker from a fire base and they can only move at the whim of the wind. They can't create formations which these lights appear to do. The lights shown in this clip appear to 'manoeuvre’."

Also, the UFO hunter argued that the lights weren't a single craft but "multiple objects".

"In my view we only know 10% of the UFO jigsaw in the public domain, the other 90% lies in the secret world of intelligence services and governments," he stated.
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