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Covid-19 Lays Bare Social Failures, Will Media Turn on Biden?

Covid-19 Lays Bare Social Failures, Will Media Turn on Biden?
Dying people can’t support a living economy. Why does our financial kickstarter ignore this?

Kumi Smith, assistant professor in the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Minnesota, joins the Misfits to explain how social and economic factors explain the spread of Covid-19. She also reveals how information, education and even politics can affect who’s infected and who suffers most, and the daunting task of contact tracing disease in a global age. There will be lessons learned for every level of government in the aftermath of this pandemic. 

Kevin Zeese, co-director of Popular Resistance, discussed the latest absurd efforts of the US to depose Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, this time with an indictment for drug trafficking and a bounty on his head. This evidence-free indictment is another regime change attempt, he explains. But given the US history of failure in Venezuela, maybe Washington’s global grip is loosening.

Political strategist China Dickerson took part in a virtual conversation about the allegations against Joe Biden and the trajectory of the MeToo movement. Biden can’t ignore these accusations, and they will have repercussions for his campaign. They also wrangled over whether Bernie Sanders should stay in the Democratic primary and where his actions can best be directed. Then callers took up the debate, weighing in on paths to electoral victory through the pandemic, and the boys informed listeners about some important religious transformations being effected by the virus.

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