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‘Space Force’ Caught on Camera 'Training' Over Arizona, Netizens Claim

© Photo : YouTube/ Devil_Travels UFOs Over Yuma
UFOs Over Yuma - Sputnik International
The geometric formations of the lights, which eventually went down in number, led many viewers to think that they had witnessed the new sixth branch of the US military, announced by President Donald Trump last year.

"The Space Force" has accidentally been captured on camera in the midst of its drills in the skies over Arizona, netizens have claimed after seeing mysterious lights and a glare appearing from nowhere in new footage.

The video, first posted by YouTube by Devil_Travels and then highlighted by conspiracy channel MrMBB333, shows six bright UFO-like objects hovering in formation in the sky above Yuma, but as times passes, the lights vanish until there are only three left forming a triangle. As the camera rolls, they are eventually reduced to just one.

The footage immediately attracted comments suggesting the objects have to do with the US Space Force, now in the making, with many noting the place’s proximity to a US Marine base.

“It’s US Space Force training", one stated firmly, while another weighed in: “You’ve nailed it".

“An example of Space Force", a third suggested.

"Big air base in Yuma, so might be military", another dropped, while another commentator dwelled on the "cloaking mode" of the objects:

"The three lights at the end was one craft when the top light goes out it is the nose of the craft dipping down and obscuring the front light. Definitely in cloaking mode just don't know if it is alien or US GOVERNMENT?"

A similar sight was captured off the coast of North Carolina last year, which was also situated near an army base, but many rationally assumed at the time it was nothing more than military flares.

The other day, a glittering snake-like UFO was again spotted, but this time in the sky over the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. Such serpent-like structures have frequently been spotted in recent months in North America – above New York, Wyoming, and Washington. They have also been seen in Europe, for instance above Edinburgh, Scotland.

Meanwhile, the US has earmarked funds for the new Space Force, as the 2020 National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) envisages, among other provisions, the build-up of the new branch and includes $71.5 billion to pay for ongoing foreign wars or what the US government describes as "Overseas Contingency Operations”.

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