UFOpedia: British Royal Air Force Set to Make its X-Files Records Public

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Commenting on the decision, an RAF spokesman said that it would be better to publish these records than continue sending them to national archives. The spokesman said that the information would be published on a dedicated gov.uk page.

UFO fans and supporters of conspiracy theories, we’ve got good news for you as the British Royal Air Force is set to make its X-files records on extraterrestrial sightings public. A clearance process for UFO documents is now underway before their publication, which according to a RAF spokesman would happen in the first quarter of 2020.
The RAF closed its unit investigating UFOs in 2009 after concluding that over 50 years they haven’t received information that would indicate a potential threat from extraterrestrial life. All of the RAF's documents were sent to the national archives, where they usually remain classified until they are released to the public. But it seems that the RAF has had a change of heart and will publish its most recent reports online.

"Given the massive public interest in this subject, I'm pleased that these files will be released and made available online… I'm glad the public are to be given insights into our work on these real-life X-Files", said Nick Pope, former employee of the Defence Ministry, who investigated UFO phenomena from 1991 to 1994.

Hang on a minute. Where should Brits go if they want to report a UFO sighting? Members of the public are now being asked to report these things to local police.

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