Mia Khalifa Praised Online for Trolling Arsenal After Mesut Özil's Remarks on China

The 26-year-old woman, who is currently ranked as the second most searched on the leading adult film website, has recently opened up about why she quit the porn industry, saying she was terrified by the constant media attention.

Former porn star-turned-sports commentator Mia Khalifa has been praised for taunting the Arsenal football club following their crushing 3-0 defeat to Manchester City. Taking to Twitter, the young woman of Lebanese descent, who received death threats from Daesh* after she appeared in a hijab in one of her adult films, wrote:

​Her comment referred to a decision by Chinese broadcaster CCTV not to air a match between Arsenal and Manchester City, after the Gunners’ midfielder Mesut Özil criticised Beijing for its poor treatment of the Muslim Uighur minority. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the athlete had been deceived by fake news and urged him to visit the Xinjian region, where the Uighurs live.
Commenting on Mia Khalifa’s post, netizens praised her trolling rant and sense of humour, although they noted that the banter was perhaps too sharp.

​Others found the post disgusting and told the young woman that humour is not her strong suit.

​Arsenal users noted that although their team had suffered a humiliating defeat, it still beat West Ham, Khalifa’s favourite football club.

​It seems that this guy didn’t understand Khalifa’s joke at all…

​Despite her brief career in the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa managed to become one of the most popular porn stars, with 725 million views on the leading adult film website PornHub. 

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However, her popularity did not bring her huge profits. Recently, Khalifa revealed that she had earned only 12,000 dollars over the three months that she worked in the industry. She continues to remain in the spotlight, being very active on social media.


*Daesh (ISIL/ISIS/IS/Islamic State) is a terrorist organisation banned in Russia

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