Corbyn and Boris Make Me Sick

© REUTERS / TOBY MELVILLEBritain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attend a vigil for victims of a fatal attack on London Bridge in London, Britain December 2, 2019
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attend a vigil for victims of a fatal attack on London Bridge in London, Britain December 2, 2019 - Sputnik International
The members of the public who confronted and pinned down mad terrorist Usman Khan showed more bravery, guts, courage and intelligence than any politician of any party over the last ten years.

These people had the bravery to confront and stop Usman whereas our politicians have for years dithered and delayed in dealing with the very real threat of Islamist terrorism in this country.

Politicians of all parties have been like rabbits caught in a car’s headlights too scared to really confront the danger that radical Islam poses to our democracy for fear of being accused of racism or Islamophobia.

Politicians have lacked the backbone to deal with this enemy within and now they have the temerity to use the death of two innocents to try and score political points or gain electoral advantage from this terrible latest atrocity.

Both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn Disgust Me

It is their and other mainstream politicians’ fault that two more innocents are lying on the mortuary slab like those children in Manchester before them.

It’s politicians who have told us to not look back in anger, sing kumbaya and change our twitter avatars every time innocents are slaughtered.

It is politicians who are afraid to mutter the Islamist word and constantly bleat on about the real danger to our democracy being right-wing white extremists rather than what is clear to most people, that there is a very real cancer in parts of our Muslim communities that need cutting out urgently.

Police officers walk near the scene of a stabbing on London Bridge - Sputnik International
Daesh Reportedly Claims Responsibility for London Bridge Terror Attack
When the public were calling for tough decisive action these spineless politicians were busy pressing their suits for the next memorial service for the victims.

Well, I am sorry but all the one-minute silences, the pop concerts and the memorial services in the world are never going to change the mindset of these terrorists and savages.

Khan wanted to blow up the London Stock exchange and saw non-Muslims as pigs who deserved to be slaughtered. The Judge in his original trial said he should never be released but he ended up being the poster boy for the liberal rehabilitation snowflakes until he turned his savagery literally on the hands of those who fed him their forgiveness platitudes last week.

I don’t care which party changed the sentencing guidelines but the plain facts are that no terrorist should be released before they have served their full term.

I am not a bread and water merchant and I do believe we need massive investment in education in our prisons but I am sorry, the P word, PUNISHMENT must come first, especially for terrorist scum who want to destroy our very way of life.

This animal should never have been released before his term was served and even then, there should have been months of debate and risk assessments carried out before he was handed his freedom.

Some Explaining is Due

Those responsible for his release need to be put before a jury to explain their decisions.

Those who changed his sentence need to be made to answer for their decision.

I am afraid I have to say this but those who invited this dangerous man to the conference need to explain themselves.

He was clearly hoodwinking them and deceiving them by posing in their brochures as the reformed radical. If he can pull the wool over their eyes so easily what are the other 74 doing who have been released too?

Or what about the 23 THOUSAND we were warned about years ago who are living amongst who pose a threat to all of us regardless of our religion, creed, or background.

What about all the home-grown jihadists who politicians have allowed to return to places like Luton and Birmingham to continue claiming their benefits after pledging allegiance to the death cult of the Islamic State?

London Bridge After Stabbing Attack - Sputnik International
Live Updates: London in Grief After Bridge Stabbing Attack
But there are other questions that need answers.

Why was this prison reform conference happening in central London if they were going to invite dangerous criminals to attend?

How much security was there actually in the hall?

Did the Met know it was happening?

I know John Merritt's family are saying that he would not wish for his death to lead to more draconian sentences for heinous crimes, but with all due respect, he would say that as he was a prison reformer himself. No doubt he and Saskia were wonderful young people with all the right ideas about forgiveness and redemption and rehabilitation BUT we are living in extremely dangerous times. These times do call for tough decisive action but that should have happened when we all realised how many terrorists or terror sympathisers were about to be released early NOT after more innocent people had been killed.

The harsh truth is that politicians needed to have sorted this mess out years ago. These terrorists are not ordinary criminals, they literally do not care if they live or die and as a consequence, they are not playing by our rules. We already have prisons that are virtually run by these madmen and what are the elite doing to confront this? Nothing.

Russian Roulette

We have Corbyn who wants to lead our country but thinks that Jihadi Bride Begum should be allowed to come home. Worse than that, he acts as if he wants to hug a terrorist. He is again linking such atrocities with our actions in Iraq and in a way almost legitimising them as a war.

However, he forgets, as with many on the left, that the Twin Towers happened way before our involvement in Iraq or the fact that Germany and especially Sweden have been subjected to many Islamist atrocities and they played a minor role in any so-called ‘Imperialist’ or ‘regime change’ foreign policy of the West.

A police officer places a floral tribute near the scene of a stabbing on London Bridge, in London - Sputnik International
Both Victims of London Bridge Attack Graduated From Cambridge University - Police
Meanwhile, Boris is playing to the gallery saying he is going to bring in stringent sentencing but he is part of a Government that has let out on licence over 70 of these madmen in recent months.

We cannot treat these Islamist terrorists like normal murderers or prisoners, they have a different mindset all together, they believe they are involved in a holy war and they don’t care if they live or die.

Quite literally the politicians are playing Russian roulette with our lives and I don’t know about you but like the heroes on the bridge, I have quite simply had enough of this liberal nonsense.

These brave members of the public, including the hero Polish chef, ran towards trouble rather than away from it. Compare and contrast their actions with that of Sir Craig Mackay, head of the Met at the time, who locked himself in his car when Khalid Masood stabbed PC Palmer to death in front of him during the Westminster terror attack in 2017.

These brave members of the public undoubtedly saved many others from serious injury or death and in the case of the Polish chef, Lukas, he kept on subduing Usman Khan despite carrying severe wounds to his body. The man is a hero, as indeed are the coppers who blew the madman away once they saw his suicide belt.

No doubt Jeremy Corbyn would have loved them to try and arrest him like he suggested with the leader of Islamic State where then we could have another show trial where lefty idiots like him and the terrorists could try and portray the innocent deaths as really the fault of our foreign policy.

This Lunacy Has to Stop

Boris has to stop the talk and walk the walk. He should detain all 74 of the released terrorists immediately and order full and extensive inquiries into them and to hell with their so-called human rights.

We need a new law of treason in this country as politicians have been promising for years which should state clearly that anyone who goes to fight for an enemy of the UK immediately loses their right to citizenship and is classed as a traitor.

All terror prisoners should serve the full term they are handed down and I am afraid life must mean life.

I and many millions of other Brits are now looking back and forward in anger and we demand the right to live in peace and security and an end to this liberal attitude to the monsters and the warped ideology that openly declares it wants to kill us.

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