Edward Snowden's Cameo in 'Lupin III: Goodbye Partner' Anime Wows Him

Anime, originating in Japan, is very popular all over the world, with legions of untold millions of fans, and even some well-known people are said to be among them. One example is Edward Snowden, who to his own surprise appeared in "Lupin III: Goodbye Partner".

Edward Snowden is famous as a former National Security Agency contractor who exposed the US state surveillance program, but few people know that he is a true anime fan, but what's more, before becoming a whistleblower, Edward worked with his friends on a start-up company that sells anime art.

What a shock it was then, when Edward found that the anime titled Lupin III: Goodbye Partner TV special gave him a cameo appearance. Despite the fact that his name was changed slightly to "Edward Znoden", Snowden is unmistakably recognizable in the character.

"Is this real," Edward tweeted.

​"It's like a lifetime achievement award. Lupin is one of my favorite series," he added. "Let us give thanks that anime is a thing now," he said.

​In January, the Lupin III: Goodbye Partner special debuted in Japan. Later, in November, an English dub also debuted at Anime NYC. Digital platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Digital also released it the day after its English dub debut.

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