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Wisconsin Man Receives Third DWI After Drunk Driving With Live Chicken On His Shoulder

© Flickr / KimliHana the Chicken, the mascot of a motorcycle shop on the North Shore
Hana the Chicken, the mascot of a motorcycle shop on the North Shore - Sputnik International
A man in the US state of Milwaukee who had 2 previous drunk-driving convictions was found by police to be driving drunk while swerving across the road with a peculiar passenger on his shoulder: a fluttering brown chicken.

Oak Creek police said that a Wisconsin man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly driving while intoxicated (DWI) with a live chicken clucking on his shoulder.

42-year-old Ernesto Martinez-Garnica from Milwaukee was spotted by a witness "driving really reckless" with his vehicle "swerving all over the road" on Howell Avenue, with what was initially described as a hawk on his shoulder, as described in the police report.

“There’s a guy behind us. … He’s driving really reckless, but he has a hawk in his car”, said a 911 caller, according to Fox.

When police eventually caught up to the reckless driver, they noticed the bird flapping around inside. Upon closer inspection, the officers found it to be a common brown chicken.

The police report noted that they had found "a live chicken that was fluttering around the inside of the vehicle" as well as numerous empty beer cans, according to Fox.

Martinez-Garnica failed a sobriety test, making it his third DWI arrest. Although it is not yet clear how many of the previous offences involved poultry.

Dashcam footage shows an officer giving the sobriety test, while a second officer can be seen removing the bird from the vehicle and carrying it away.

The chicken, who's name is "Teresa" according to reports was safely secured in the police vehicle along with the driver's cousin who was riding alongside Martinez-Garnica.

The bird "will not talk. Plead the fifth. It will not give us any more information", said Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission executive director Karen Sparapani.

"It's a nice enough chicken. Like if you're gonna go driving with one, that was a pretty good one", she added.

Police have confirmed that Teresa is safe and has been given to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, where she will be held until the owner claims her, according to Fox.

According to CBS, the owner has until 10 November to claim the chicken. If left unclaimed, Teresa will be sent to a chicken sanctuary.

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