Pentagon Set to Study Roswell-Linked  ‘UFO Metamaterials’ – Reports

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The deal is understood to have been signed earlier this month in the wake of reports that the allegedly obtained evidence was related to a New Mexico location central to a series of UFO conspiracies. Weeks earlier, a media frenzy arose when the US Navy confirmed that videos with US pilots indeed sported some “unidentified phenomena".

US forces have confirmed cutting a “curious cooperative” deal with the company To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA) set up by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge, to look into the artefacts of alien origin purported to have been artificially created, The Drive reported citing a copy of the agreement obtained at the courtesy of The Army's Ground Vehicle System Centre.

Tbe edition went on to state that the Pentagon is thereby planning to check TTSA’s earlier claims that it had acquired extra-terrestrial metamaterials related to the Roswell (New Mexico) UFO crash conspiracy theory.

TTSA first announced the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) on 17 October, with an initial report on it published in the War Zone remarking the deal won’t involve any revenue for the company.  According to the copy cited by The Drive, the agreement gained legal force on 10 October, after it was signed by Jeffery Langhout, the centre's director, and Kari DeLonge, Tom DeLonge's sister who has held the title of Chief Content Officer for TTSA.

The metamaterials, which TTSA claimed in July 2019 to possess, are engineered composites that have electrical properties not present in any naturally occurring form of the material, which accounts for a number of unique qualities including certain impacts on the transmission of electromagnetic waves.

Referring to the specifics of the “extra-terrestrial” material stated to be in TTSA’s hands, one of the document's sections reads:

"To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science is a company with materiel and technology innovations that offer capability advancements for Army ground vehicles".

The excerpt then continues to outline the specifics:

"These technology innovations have been acquired, designed, and produced by the Collaborator [TTSA], leveraging advancements in metamaterials and quantum physics to push performance gains".

According to TTSA’s summer press release on the allegedly acquired material, the samples in question look as follows:

“One 1.75” x 1.25” x 0.25” piece of micron-layered Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal; (ii) six pieces of Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal; (iii) one piece of Aluminum that TTSA physicist Hal Puthoff already in his possession that is currently on loan from Seller; and (iv) one round black and silver metal flake that physicist Puthoff already has in his possession currently on loan from Seller (collectively, the “Metal Pieces”)".

The history of the samples is a tad convoluted, as the late Art Bell, long-time host of the paranormal radio programme Coast to Coast AM, was reported to have originally acquired these from a purported anonymous source.

Bell said the individual claimed that his grandfather had been in an unspecified branch of the US military, arguing the items were related to Roswell.

The objects eventually landed in Tom DeLonge’s hands, who then sold them to TTSA, by way of Linda Moulton Howe, an investigative journalist who is also a prominent member of the UFO community. Howe claimed a number of labs and corporations including the Army's Redstone Arsenal, attempted to look into them, but could neither track their origins nor reproduce them.

Last month, US Navy officials confirmed that a trio of viral videos allegedly featuring military aircraft encountering strange UFO-like objects did indeed feature “unidentified aerial phenomena", the BlackVault website reported citing a few exclusively obtained statements.

In a parallel move, Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, a high-profile member of the Intelligence and Counterterrorism subcommittee, claimed that the US Navy is withholding information about UFO sightings after he officially requested more data on the encounters and received none.

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