Disturbing Video Shows Priest Whipping ‘Devil-Possessed’ Woman in India [Graphic]

New Delhi (Sputnik) - A priest in the Indian state of Karnataka mercilessly lashed a woman with whips while performing an exorcism to drive away from an evil spirit.

In a shocking incident captured on camera, a priest brutally whipped a woman in order to drive away an evil spirit which, he alleged, had possessed her body.

The unsettling video shows a woman sitting inside a temple; a shirtless priest wearing a saffron lungi (a men's skirt) enters with a whip. The priest then starts to incessantly whip the woman as she screams out in pain.

WARNING: The following video is graphic and may not be suitable for some viewers.

The priest can be seen holding the woman by her hair as he continues to strike her.

The woman can also be seen begging the priest for mercy, but he continues to thrash her while shouting at her until she falls unconscious on the floor.

According to Daily Mail report, the woman was taken to the temple by her family as she was allegedly possessed by a devil and the priest was performing exorcism on the woman to cure her.

Earlier, in a similar incident, an Indian man from Rajasthan brutally whipped his wife, who was reportedly told by an occultist that she was “possessed by evil spirits”.

Exorcism is a practice of evicting demons or spirits; the spiritual practice is carried out in various remote areas of India.

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