Peace Deals are Circulating in the Middle East

Peace Deals are Circulating in the Middle East
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan focus on the deals being negotiated in Yemen, Syria and Israel. Through it all, the United States is holding on to hegemony.


Mark Sleboda - International Relations & Security Analyst | Ukraine as a Crux of US-Russian Relations

Ian Shilling - Geopolitical Analyst, Researcher & Blogger | Brexit Passes Juncker's Muster

Michael Krieger - Founder of and a former Wall Street analyst | Holding On To US Hegemony

Randi Nord - Co-Founder of Geopolitics Alert & Contributor at MintPress News | The Aden Peace Deal

Miko Peled - Human Rights Activist and Author | Netanyahu's Fate and his Pompeo Meeting

Carmine Sabia - Writer & Managing Editor at | The State of Impeachment

Ukraine is a very important point between the United States and Russia. Our regular guest who lives in Moscow, Mark Sleboda, is an international relations analyst. He explains where the relationships between the three countries stand.

Brexit is happening. Boris Johnson got a deal. October 31st is fast approaching. Geopolitical analyst Ian Shilling gives us an update on the latest Brexit news.

The United States is driven by the need for hegemony. Michael Krieger, the founder of Liberty Blitz Krieg, outlines what the US is doing to stay in control. Managing editor at The Federalist Papers Carmine Sabia updates us on the impeachment inquiry.

Peace deals are circulating in the Middle East. Randi Nord, the co-founder of Geopolitics Alert, explains the Aden Peace Deal. Miko Peled, a human rights activist, discusses Israel and Netanyahu.


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