One-Third of Americans Have Ended Relationships Over Household Chores - Poll

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A third of 2,000 surveyed American adults have ended a relationship due to conflicts over chores, a new poll reveals.

The survey, commissioned by cleaning supply company Durgol and conducted by OnePoll, also found that 70% of participants wouldn’t consider dating or marrying someone they found untidy. The study polled adults who are currently living with romantic partners, roommates or family members.

In addition, almost half of all study participants revealed that they have gotten upset in the past due to disagreements with living companions over who should complete chores. In addition, 42% admitted that even though they supposedly divide cleaning responsibilities, it doesn’t usually end up working out that way. Sounds familiar, huh?

Almost 70% of participants also said they argue with their living companions about chores, with the average respondent saying they have such arguments three times a week. 

What do Americans disagree about when it comes to housework? 

According to almost half of participants, leaving dirty dishes in the sink is a point of contention. Meanwhile, 38%, 37% and 29% of respondents agreed that leaving the toilet seat up, leaving cabinet drawers open and not completely closing the refrigerator, respectively, are irksome. 

“Who does what and who does more are common concerns about household chores,” Durgol distributor Bernard Schnacke said in a statement following the survey results. “That’s why I recommend using the right products and doing it right the first time. It simplifies cleaning and reduces stress.”

Respondents also seemed divided on how to clean their coffee machine, which is oddly specific. 

Forty-three percent of participants said they clean their coffee machine weekly, but more than 60% said that cleaning the machine consists of just running water through it. On the other hand, 57% said they clean the machine using soap and water. Fifty-two percent and 47% use vinegar and coffee machine cleaners, respectively, to wash their coffee-makers.

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