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Video: Domestic Octopus Caught Reloading Camouflage While 'Dreaming'

© Photo : YouTube/ Nature on PBSOctopus Heidi changes the pattern and texture of the skin while sleeping
Octopus Heidi changes the pattern and texture of the skin while sleeping - Sputnik International
Meet Heidi, an octopus who lives in a home aquarium. She belongs to the category of the so-called day octopus, well-known for their extraordinary natural ability for perfect camouflage.

Heidi, the name given to this unusual pet by owner Dr. David Scheel from Alaska Pacific University, regularly interacts with its human family. In particular, she was captured on video changing her beautiful colors while asleep. A mesmerizing video of her camouflage 'reload' was made for a new episode of the PBS series Nature.

In the captivating video clip, Heidi the octopus is seen "dreaming" while floating upside-down in the aquarium, as her skin rapidly changes hues.

According to Scheel, cited by PBS, the dreaming could make for a better understanding of the bond between an animal and its owner.

“Octopuses followed a different evolutionary path, making them different from all other intelligent animals on this planet [...] I am less intrigued by the differences and more interested in our similarities. What kind of a connection is possible with an animal that has three hearts and blue blood running through its veins? It’s been a privilege to have a relationship with such a strange and wonderful creature”, Scheel said, cited by PBS.

Scheel also suggests that this type of creature can recognize and even make eye contact with humans and is the "closest we'll get to an alien on Earth".

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