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'The Rise of Jordan Peterson': Canadian Documentary on Free-Speech Guru Drops First Trailer – Video

The documentary, broadcast in Canada last year, offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the frenzy sparked by Peterson’s stance against his government's move to mandate transgender acceptance in 2016.

One of the most famous public intellectuals of our time, Jordan Peterson is making it to the silver screen.

The Canadian psychology professor and champion of free speech is in the focus of a feature documentary, The Rise of Jordan Peterson, which already aired on Canadian TV in autumn of 2018.

Produced by Toronto-based Holding Space Films and directed by Patricia Marcoccia, the film was nominated for best Social/Political Documentary at the 2019 YFF Golden Sheaf Awards.

The production company has teased Peterson’s many fans and supporters with a trailer.

The documentary centres around the media buzz around his persona and tries to look at him through the eyes of both those whom he helped and those whom he angered with his take on political correctness and other social issues.

The creators describe the film as a “rare, intimate glimpse into the life and mind of Jordan Peterson” that “traces the transformative period” of his life.

The world premiere is slated to take place on 26 September in Toronto, with screenings also scheduled in the United States, UK, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand.

Peterson’s meteoric rise to fame followed a controversy surrounding gender pronouns. The University of Toronto professor gained nationwide – and later international – prominence after posting a series of videos on YouTube in 2016 criticising government policies that mandated that people addressing transgender persons must refer to them by their chosen gender rather than in accordance with their biological sex.

His comments sparked a frenzy of outrage and support and fuelled a broader discussion regarding gender and freedom of speech.

Peterson, now 57, has since become a YouTube star, authored a best-selling self-help book, 12 Rules for Life, and established himself as a vocal opponent of the post-modern leftist ideology.

Apart from giving tours, lectures and interviews, the academic has not lost sight of the digital space. In June, he unveiled a free-speech, subscription-based platform designed as a mix of Patreon and social media, and more recently, issued a call for action on the nascent deepfake technology, warning that it could spell a future where people could no longer trust any information distributed online.

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